Wordless Wednesday

Having Delightful Conversations…


I saw the telephone sitting on a display table in a posh shop.

It’s just so pretty that I want to own one and go back to the times of using such proper phones.

Where you would sit down to take a call, cradling the phone on your lap or by the side stool.

We would certainly have delightful conversations πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Having Delightful Conversations…

  1. That phone needs to be set on a wood side table with carved legs and a dark finish. I would sit on a chair with seat and back covered in embroidered flowers. On the table beside the phone would be an old fashioned china teacup and a plate of biscuits.

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  2. The only thing that I would change about the phone is to give it a proper dial instead of the buttons. And speaking of things telephonic, I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, where does Clark Kent change into his Superman suit these days?

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