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My Thinking Corner – Value


The value that you place on yourself is the value others will place on you.

If you believe that you are not enough and fail to accept yourself, it shouldn’t surprise you when others view you the same way.

Be kind to yourself and break the self-recriminations. Self-love is not selfish. For love is born out of the abundance of who you are as a person (not your finances).

It’s only when your cup of love is full that it would overflow to others.  If you are unable to love yourself in abundance, how much love do you think you would be able to extend to others? Give it a thought.

Lady Cee shares a well thought out post on Knowledge + Application = Wisdom. You need to read this.

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4 thoughts on “My Thinking Corner – Value

  1. Hello Jacqueline,
    Thank you for the positive thoughts shared in your video and for the spur and strategy given for daily focusing our minds on the things we want to achieve. I love your voice, it is calm, gentle and soothing, if a little low at times particularly when there is traffic.
    I also like your strategy of giving people an exercise to report back on. A good way to encourage personal reinforcement of the tips you share and also continued participation.
    I wish you well with this new style of your Thinking Corner.

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