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To exist is easy. So many are doing that already. What is far more challenging is to live. Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

To live means to experience life and to truly experience life, you have to open all the windows to your soul.

The gift of the senses is given to us to maximise this opportunity. Stop and admire the flowers and your surroundings, listen to the buzz of life around you, see others with different eyes’,  listen to hear and not just to reply, touch – embrace not just the familiar, taste something new, be adventurous, inhale deeply and identify the various smell.

Don’t just go through the motion of getting through the day. Open up your mind and live. Take an active role in your own development. Take advantage of your own potentials and uniqueness. Keep reaching for richer, deeper, life-changing experiences.

Your life is a story that only you’ve lived to tell. Write it like no one else could.

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10 thoughts on “To Live – My Thinking Corner

  1. Jacqueline, I truly love this. Simple, and true. Appreciate the flowers. Don’t just go through the motions of the day – live! Wow – that is so powerful . It is good question to reflect on each day – did i go through motions or did I live ? I will add it to my evening routine. Thanks for sharing your beautiful post.

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  2. Well said Jacqueline. I love your opening quote. That is the hunger of my heart – to live, and to script my own story. Too many people want to usurp this role in our lives.
    Food for thought indeed. Thank you for sharing.

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