This Season…My Thinking Corner


This is my favourite season of the year and yes it’s because it’s Christmas. It is not just a season of joy, a time to be with our loved ones’, to give and possibly receive, but also a time that we should not forget the reason for the season.

We shouldn’t forget that not everyone around us is blessed with a circle of family and friends to share and spend the season with, therefore, let us reach out to those who are less unfortunate in our midst and spread the cheer and joy with them. Let us be messengers of love and bear the true fruits of brotherhood.

It’s a blessing to bless others and not just to sit on the sidelines watching others give of themselves. There’s always a little way to be a blessing to others.

Sometimes, I feel that the over commercialized aspect of the season has desensitized many people to the fact the Christmas is not just a time to make merry and be jolly. In the midst of making merry, may we not forget the Christ in Christmas.

May the abiding Grace and Peace of God be with you and yours.

Here’s a little tune I played on my keyboard for you.

Whatsoever you do

To the least of my brothers

that you do unto me

When I was hungry you gave me to eat

when I was thirsty you gave me to drink

now enter in to the home of my father.

43 thoughts on “This Season…My Thinking Corner

  1. Ah, Jackie, your empathy, and compassion are so sincere. Have a wonderful Christmas and yes, let’s pause and be thankful for who we have and what we have in our life never forgetting some of us are more blessed than others. There will always be at least one person who is in a different and perhaps more difficult place than I am. It is wise to remember this when I feel frustrated with what/who I do have in my life

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  2. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your gift of song. Christmas is my fav. time of year too!! Being so busy with lots of activities this time of year, endless lists of things to get finished! The reason for the season is of course, the Birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Often, we get so caught up in the materialistic side of Christmas, we ignore everything that is important. Family, friends, loved ones. Keep Jesus in your heart, He will take care of the rest. Merry Christmas!

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    • Dear Eugenia, I am so glad I got to meet you here and hopefully who knows the future we might get to see face to face. I’ve been offline and haven’t logged on in days. I appreciate your comments and wish you the best of this wonderful season to you and your family🙂

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      • I appreciate your support, as well. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year. I noticed your absence and you are truly missed. I hope all is okay.


    • Thank you, Jacob. Well, now I’m curious enough to go and learn Hamilton 🙂
      I’ve been offline and haven’t logged on in days. I appreciate your comments and wish you the best of this wonderful season to you and your family🙂


  3. I just remembered that you were one of my best friends in 2016.It would have been a crime not to wish you happy festivities. Have a merry Christmas and happy New year too. I hope our friendship blossoms even more in 2017.

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  4. Beautiful, Jacqueline! We must always remember to think of others throughout the year, but especially during the holidays. Not everyone has large families to envelop them in love. Some are sad because their loved ones are not here and depression is their constant friend. If we truly are God’s hands and feet, we will find ways to encourage our brothers and sisters and offer them hope so that they never feel as if they are alone. Great post! Happy holidays! ❤

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  5. It amazes me how talented my fellow bloggers are! Like you, I think about the less fortunate, especially at this time of year and when it’s cold outside. I try to help in my small way.

    Happy Holidays to you, Jacqueline and you sounded lovely to me.

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