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Philip Craddock He writes from the heart. Sublime, sad, happy, tragic, romantic and more…Check out Philips blog and add your support.

We humans suggest a title Interesting image and thought provoking words. How would you title this?

The Utopia Universe Have you been to Utopia Universe yet? In the authors’ words below, you can’t pass up this opportunity to get to interact better. Visit and find out more.

Welcome to my blog, my aim is to offer help,advice and teach , great things into your life everyday.

An Eternal Choice  An old story that never fails to leave a lesson behind each time I read it. A good read for today.

Tell them the truth Do we make telling our children lies a habit and then call it a harmless fib?

Something you shouldn’t say to someone living with chronic illness I wouldn’t have been as cool as Shannon! I wonder why some people are so cheeky and rude :/

‘Do you want more eyes on your words?’

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