This is my Hood! Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Hot copious cups of cheap Nescafe wakes up my foggy brain cells. Sometimes, I wonder how on Earth this super machine of the brain functions, with a million thoughts and ideas buzzing in and out at the same time and not combusting. socsbadge2016-17

I have never been able to stay on one singular thought for as long as I can remember and I believe that this frenetic energy of buzzing thoughts increased with adulting, motherhood, wifedom, and my writing life.

Hovering over my shoulder while on the kitchen’s hot plate flipping pancakes, my muse whispers the beginning of a plot that keeps running away from the lines once I sit down to write, my trio are all talking at the same time to me, of course my superpowers enable me to hear each person, resolve their questions, whip up impeccable omelet for dear Himself and commune with my buzzing muse all at the same time.

How on Earth have I managed not to run off with the raggle-taggle band of gypsies to Never, Never Land, where we never grow old, never have to deal with an escape artist of a muse, a demanding brood of hungry children whose bellies seem to gobble the pancakes so fast, yet their pleading eyes’ keep asking for more?

For want of an explanation, I believe it’s because this is my hood, and I’m in charge. Join me for a hot cuppa of cheap coffee 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Linda’s prompt for today’s’ SoCS is a to find a word with the two letter ‘ho,’ and I can’t help but slip in a Ho,Ho,Ho, it will soon be Christmas time 😉

out-of-the-silent-breath 2

33 thoughts on “This is my Hood! Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

  1. The Pancake Train

    Dip and pour. Dip and pour.
    Pancake batter sizzles more.
    Look around, their eyes abound,
    Hunger there you can’t ignore.

    Waiting there so patiently,
    The thoughts are spinning aimlessly,
    Look around, their eyes abound,
    Hunger there you plainly see..

    Flip each cake, one by one,
    A few more minutes ’til their done.
    Look around, their eyes abound,
    Hunger there in your sweet son.

    The tasks pile up inside your brain,
    While pancakes brown and you explain,
    They’re almost ready, please sit down.
    You know you’re on the pancake train.

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  3. Your muse is active, this is delightful and things are unfolding already. Flipping pancakes for Himself
    is when the lightbulb comes on. Great reading you Jacqueline.

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