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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

6 Years Blogiversary This is quite an accomplishment to blog steadily for six years. Well done Sepultura and Congratulations. To many more bloggy years ahead.

Notes from Wanda Encouraging, lovely, little notes from Wanda. You will surely find something that you like.

Cattie’s World Introducing a new blog friend Cattie. In her own words:

Hi Friends, I’m Cattie.

I’m Fun Loving, Bold, Humorous, Love to Shop, Love to visit Salons, Love to Drink, but don’t drink.

I want to share everything Beautiful about my Life here with you, give you Inspiration, Stories to Read, Jokes to laugh about and Lets Be Friends.

Do check out her blog.

We love our crooks This is an interesting analysis. There must be something in romanticizing crooks that makes it possible for some people to get away deeds that would have simple folks like you and I incarcerated and the keys would be thrown away for life. Shouldn’t there be equality in the treatment of crime?

Do step in and show some love.

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