Keeping it in the right place – personal.

I just can’t give up now ‘cos I’ve come too far from where I’m coming from. Nobody told me that the journey would be easy, but believe me when I say it’s been a struggle (to put it mildly).

In recent weeks, my heart hasn’t been in the right place. I’ve struggled to find my sunshine through the dark clouds that it’s been hard to even crack a smile. Should I pretend that all feels well to me?Image result for images for thankfulness

Should I feign ignorance of the ugliness of what’s going on in the World? Fake the fact that to some people I’m subhuman because I’m black? How easy is that if I may ask?

Let me tell you the truth, I’m not feeling like the sunny child that I am. I feel mad, ugly with deep-rooted anger and so sad. My husband is travelling to the States for some weeks and I’m virtually having palpitations from unreasonable fear, in as much as I keep telling myself to stop with the negative thinking and not to let the enemies of progress steal my peace.

I realize that it’s so easy to drown in the deluge of bad news that constantly hovers and I have to save myself from drowning just yet, if ever at all. I’ve consciously used you, my friends as my crutch, my family, exercise, music, prayers, writing out my anger and tearing it up and then writing my thanks and keeping it before my eyes. These may seem like meaningless acts, but they work. It helps me to keep my thoughts in the right place and to give thanks in everything with a grateful heart and believe me when I say that there’s a lot to give thanks for. To me, my need and state of peace and thankfulness far outweigh all the foolishness out there put together.

Being thankful is a process that releases good thoughts in you. It triggers the positive side of your brain that improves your self-esteem, your mental strength, your psychological health, sense of empathy and so much more.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

If you wish to participate in a gratitude challenge, there are several gratitude/thankful platforms in the blogosphere that you can tune into and get your ithankful going on. I can’t express in words the enormity of Joy and fulfilment that comes from having a heart of gratitude. Please check out Maria’s blog,Colline’s blog and Bernadette’s for thankful/gratitude challenges.

P.S. We’ll be having our monthly blog party 1st – 2nd of October. I’ll keep you posted.

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41 thoughts on “Keeping it in the right place – personal.

  1. It does seem like every time I switch on the TV, there is bad news in some part of the world or other. But then I remember that the bad things I see are actually still rare events and people in general are just trying to get by. It’s one of the things I like about WordPress, actually. it reminds me that there are people out there all around the world who are friendly, good-natured and kind. 🙂

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  2. I will be praying God’s protection and shield around your husband as he travels in the USA. Shame that in the 21st Century peoples of African descent are not seen as humans but as negative stereotypes. I can feel your trepidation but we have to keep the faith and believe God for his safety.

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  3. Love that you are finding gratitude and peace during these turbalent times. That’s the perfect way to conquer this negative energy that’s so pervasive nowadays. Keep fighting fear with love!

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  4. I don’t know any words, but to admire your faith and your good spirit. I don’t know how it feels to be you, but I have been afraid for my loved ones’s safety. I had to just keep giving them to God. And I watch the news infrequently, now, because I KNOW it’s going to be 95% or more BAD.
    Sending soft hugs~

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  5. I have had recent challenges and everything appeared pointless. I fell into the self flagellation metaphorically speaking, asking myself “so why bother… right?” I then remembered a book I read which saved me from drowning in a sea of pity and pain. I ploughed through my things to find it and re enforce its teachings. I am reminded to be grateful every second of everyday for my life. Now I am back on track. Good luck with your journey, being and feeling thankful, having gratitude for everything bring more abundance.

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  6. Stay strong, Jacqueline. Those with an open heart are always the most vulnerable. You care. You express that every day. It’s what we love about you. Feel free to vent here, a safe and loving place. Virtual hugs to you today, and always. 💘

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  7. Jacqueline, I would be unhappy and fearful if my husband was a black man traveling in America but I think you know that there is more good people in the world than the hurtful and hateful. Your thankfulness post is very moving.

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  8. You’re a strong woman, Jackie. Unfortunately, the world isn’t always kind. However, I believe that good will come to those that deserve it. Don’t let the media sensationalism bring on fears. Not all of America is like what you see or hear about in the news. Awareness is the key, where ever you go.

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  9. It is a sad thing that even in the 21st century, we are still seen as subhuman, and reduced to ridiculous stereotypes solely for the colour of our skin. Still, I have confidence that your husband will have safe travels. There are still more good people out there than bad…it’s just that the bad ones get more notice, unfortunately.

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  10. If more people spent more time being thankful, including those deciding on what news stories to present, I believe the world would be better. We need to know the bad news and the good news with balance. I would love to see more of those who are trying to do good in spite of the hate and ignorance. There is more good in the world than bad, we just need to look for it. Thank you for lifting us up with gratitude. I pray for your husband’s safety.

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  11. Everybody around the world needs to chill out about the Trumped Up narrative regarding race relations in America. This is what is being spun by the American Elites to get Hillary elected despite her long history of lying and deceit and mistreatment of her husband’s myriad conquests. If she and the European elites (like billionaire George Soros) can throw up a smoke screen of racial division (by paying Black Lives Matter protesters to travel to hot spots to stir up violence), then we will not be focusing on the issues in the election. I am an older white male with many, many black friends who also feel that the narrative is false. It is safer to walk the streets of America than almost any other place in the world. Stop listening to the news and start speaking to your blogging compatriots in America to find out what is really going on here.

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    1. Having lived in the US for sometime before moving here, race issues in US is not good, though media is playing a huge role in hyping things. I have family living there as well and being black, our reality is different. Politicians can do anything to further their cause, but at the moment I am not fond of Donald Trump either. Unfortunately, these two are what we got.

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      1. The vast majority of people can have civil and meaningful discussions about the direction America should be taking. I really abhor the intentional violence being perpetrated on our country to advance a political agenda.

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