The View Out of The Window… Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Viewpoints; that’s what it’s all about, or should I say the point of view – POV. We are all created and given the free will to have independent views which must be balanced against the views of others. One’s point of view determines how tolerant and understanding of others they are.socsbadge2016-17

For sure, we all view things differently even when we share similarities in our POV’s, however, when we are obliged to express our own views, we should have the understanding that others are entitled to theirs as well. That’s why it’s free will.

Individuality means that two people can look at things and their views will differ in several ways, yet it’s amazing that some people expect others to accept their POV, hook, line and sinker without questions and when the other party differs in opinion, misunderstanding begins to brew.

When a POV is so narrow, myopic and self-centred, the person tends to become a know-it-all, a bully,  it’s my way or no other, I am right and everyone else is wrong.

I’ve learnt to understand that how one views life is equally how life will look at them in the face and as the popular saying goes, “your attitude determines your altitude.”

Do you open up your window to see the beautiful open sky, the blooming Bougainvilleas, the child skipping down the road, the strangers walking down the street, the neighbour watering his plant or mowing the lawn…What do you want to see? A hope-filled day or a hopeless day?

Even the brown dust of the Earth is beautiful without which those plants won’t grow and bloom. The view is all dependent on you.

P.S. My Stream of Consciousness Saturday post is late today because my internet service providers decided to show me another view of their service yesterday. I chose not to give in to frustration and happily went photo hunting.

Have a hope-filled view of the weekend and stay blessed.


View – SoCS

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15 thoughts on “The View Out of The Window… Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

  1. Glad you are back up and running. Yes, I agree we all have different views and yours is not wrong and mine is not wrong. The important thing to keep in mind with expressing our views is being actively open to listening to other people’s views and trying to understand where they are coming from. This requires communication, and clarification if we have understood what a person has said. Sometimes people assume that they understand what a person is saying and that is not the case. Lovely SOCS, Jackie 🙂

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  2. I always feel that the question of freewill and freedom of expression can get tricky. As you rightly point out there are people with narrow myopic views. When such people also obtain power or authority they can become arrogant bullies or sadistic deviants and their point of views cannot and must not be tolerated – e.g religious extremists who terrorize and actively harm others, cruel dictatorial leaders and paedophiles.
    I love that beautifully expressed paragraph about the open sky etc. particularly the ending.
    Thank you for sharing Jacqueline and may the rest of your week be hope-filled.

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