Let me introduce you to my new partner Anna.


Let me introduce you to my latest strategic partner, Anna. We connected and have been interacting in the blogosphere for over many months. Anna uses her blogging platform to share her experiences with Type 2  Diabetes  as well as sharing helpful, educative and informative articles on how to manage this independently. I don’t have Diabetes, but I read her posts and find them quite useful and often filled with humourous anecdotes.

I’m urging her to think of writing a little memoir or self-help book of an ordinary woman living with Diabetes 🙂

In her own words on her about page, you can get to know Anna much better. Please do say hello. I am restricting comments here and you could show Anna some love and comment on her blog.


P.S. Would you like to partner with me? You can shoot me an email: JacquelineObyIkocha@gmail.com or through the contact page on my blog.