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Levels of empathy: How much do you care? I enjoyed reading this thoughtful message and highly recommend it.

Love and empathy is infectious. When all around you there are people lifting others, giving help, educating and emitting love, to become a part of that is a natural and an amazing feeling.

The other side of the coin. To walk with blinkers on, insular and arrogant, judging and condemning is ultimately lazy, greedy and destructive to others and to themselves.  It takes true strength and character to practice empathy, to be kind and give love.

The answer to what is it and another guess: Did you get the earlier answer? Here’s another guess for you 🙂

30 day minimalism: This is such a smart idea and I suggest you take a peek. You might be interested in participating.

NCAA or solid waste management: An interesting analogy that echoes my thoughts. Maybe you might think differently.

Do step in and show some love.

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