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My Strategic Partners…

My girlfriend, Tasha, the author of the blog Hit Below The Belt Hard, a beautiful soul, and an admirable lady who runs a self-defense business. She serves great family oriented tips as well and her Friday funnies are not to be missed – I haven’t missed one yet 😉

Hit Below The Belt

Kaylaa Blackwell, the lady behind Inspired Beacon is a woman that I admire. Her tech savvy, business sense and resourcefulness are quite enviable. Let me share a link to one of her uplifting posts and her 
e-commerce site.


Beautiful Brenda Baker of Caffeinated Ramblings has been a wonderful support in this space. Her delightful visuals and writing will set your thoughts free.




Michelle Malone, a sister and a friend. The wise woman (I call her that in my mind), runs the blog “Two are better than one.” I always come away from Michelle’s blog enriched from reading posts that have wisdom infused in them.




Lifting Up Taboos blogs shares raw insiders stories of adoption from the angle of an adoptee as well as engaging fiction. I find some of the articles gut wrenching and educative.


P.S. Would you like to partner with me? You can send me an email to or send me a note through my getting in touch page on my blog.



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5 thoughts on “My Strategic Partners…

  1. Sounds great! This is a wonderful idea! If I had more time I would instantly become your partner but long hours at work leave me very little time for face to face much less any other type of partnership. What little free time I have goes to my brother Stephen. Once I retire in two years I will take you up on your offer.

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