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Do you still do this? Every day beautiful people # 74


With the advent of online hot news off the press, reading of traditional papers seems to have taken the back burner, but I still enjoy the crinkle of regular newspapers and poring over it at my own time and also enjoying the funnies and doing the crossword puzzles.

Online news just never feels the same to me. Do  you still read the newspaper?

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“Beautiful Poetry of Life and Love.” Amanda

Out of the silent breath


26 thoughts on “Do you still do this? Every day beautiful people # 74

  1. YES YES, I still read an old school newspaper. I like the crinkle of paper. But more practically, my eyes get so tired looking a computer screen all day, be it table, computer, mobile – they get tired. And I just like old school sometime, it just nicer, be it newspaper or book. I know not environmental friendly and creates clutter, but it more enjoyable, you can doddle, you can cut out and stick it where you will remember it..

    I am youngish – but can be old school and I enjoy it.

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  2. Je préfère le papier…
    J’aime sentir, toucher le livre ou le journal que je lis. j’ai un sentiment d’accomplissement plus important lorsque je fini ma lecture. Et je pense que je mémorise mieux ce que je lis 😉

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  3. Yep! I still read newspapers. But online press has its place, without it I would be in the dark about state of affairs back home. 😊

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  4. I don’t subscribe to the paper anymore, but as in your picture above, if I am in a food court or fast food restaurant, I will pick up a paper and go through it while I eat. I too love the paper itself!

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  5. Buying a paper on the way (wherever) feels almost as good as leaving it behind for the next reader. Besides, try packing your pots and pans wrapped in a tablet or cell phone!


  6. I do still read the paper but I just like to read it for the fact I still can mainly, I use Google news for the latest news so much of what is in the paper I already knew as far as the news pieces.I do like the Sunday funnies and I must have my coupons!


  7. Oh completely!!! Newspapers have a beautiful feel to them that news channels will never gain, just like the charm of holding an old yellowed book over holding a kindle today!


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