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Multiple reflections…Every day beautiful people 58

“In the mirror is where we find a reflection of our appearances, but in the heart is where we find the reflection of our soul.” unknown

“Honest self reflection opens your mind to reprogramming change, success and freedom.” Trudy Vesotsky

You must keep striving to be the reflection of all the goodness that surrounds you and all that you wish to receive; love, truth, honesty…. Jacqueline

Lift_2[1] Lift_reflection[1]

Each morning I enter the lift to my office, sometimes it’s filled to the brim with humans, sometimes just a few of us, but the common thing is the stifling silence in the little space that you can almost slice its thickness.

I always wonder why this peculiar silence happens in lifts and I  always pointedly say hello, to break it.

However, the thing that interests me most on my ride in this particular lift is the reflection of people in the mirror that runs right round.

The mirrors multiply the reflections to infinity. You see an endless replication of a person and this phenomenon simply fascinates me.

It makes me feel as if I’m watching The Matrix.

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Out of the silent breath


15 thoughts on “Multiple reflections…Every day beautiful people 58

    1. I don’t think he was paying attention though I was talking to the lady with me as I tried to get the best angle for reflective photo. He pointedly ignored us; despite my greeting – I felt that maybe he doesn’t speak English which is not uncommon.


  1. I am so reclusive that I often avoid others, especially in tight spaces. However, I regularly try to open up and offer a smile and a “hello.” I really don’t think we wish to ignore others, only protect ourselves out of fear of rejection. Then of course, there are those who just believe they are better, so they don’t want to be bothered. It is sad that we are no longer a society that wishes to know one another. My mom can tell you who is related to whom. When she bores me with the details I just say, “okay.” But, when I think about it -how grand to have been born at a time when knowing family, neighbors and associates well enough to engage at glance.

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    1. Very well said. I feel a bit sad at today’s World really. The insulation and mindful distances of not relating gives birth to so many vices that are not particularly wonderful. Exchanging pleasantries takes nothing away from anyone.

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      1. Thank you. We should all try harder. Maybe I should put my words where my mouth is and work harder to engage with people.


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