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Elements of my day and so far so good…The great book of lists.


La Duchesse has given us a double prompting and I’ll just race through me as quick as breeze:

Veggie sauce bubbling on the gas :-)
Veggie sauce bubbling on the gas πŸ™‚

Her idea for this prompt ‘elements of my day and so far so good,’ comes from Brandon Burchard’s day planner.

So, the instructions are to build your list :

  • quickly jot your to-do list
  • what are the 3 things you are excited about today
  • what are the 3 things you are truly thankful for today

My quick to do list

  • Revise for the end of year exams with the children. I have to quiz them and go through their subjects before shooing them confidently out of the door to go and get those grades.
  • Conclude my monthly bulk cooking of stews, soups, and stuff: I always prepare at least two batches of our native soup amongst other stews to ease life a bit. These could serve as quick dinner or lunch on busy days. It earns me some hours of putting up my feet πŸ˜‰
  • Continue partying on my blog and mixing with fab folks. Come on in πŸ™‚
  • Place some calls to family in Nigeria.
  • Writing quick drafts of some of my blog posts for the coming week so that I can face my other writing works.
  • Tweak my second self-hosted site a little bit. Not yet ready to run.
  • Do some research work for work on Mastermind Learning and Development strategy.

    Native vegetable 'Edikan-ikong' soup.
    Native vegetable ‘Edikan-ikong’ soup.

I am excited

  • That school Summer break will commence over here in a couple of weeks. Don’t have a holiday plan yet but looking forward to working out something.
  • I have been nominated for The Annual Blogger’s Service to Bloggers Award. Have you voted yet? Please do cast your votes.Β Who would have thought that lil‘ me will be nominated for such πŸ™‚
  • Some new ideas are cooking in my head and it makes me feel all warm at the thought.
  • Getting my teeth into my second book. It’s been a bit slow.
  • A 3-day self-improvement workshop that I’ll be attending. Okay, I’ve overshot the 3 things.

I am thankful:

  • For my husband and children. They are kind and supportive.
  • The blog World and the great supportive people I meet here. I’ve learnt so much in this space.
  • For life in general. Each day is a splendid opportunity.

So far so good and so not good.Β Β I had to slip that in there πŸ˜‰

  • I feel naughty and guilty for not having stuck to the ‘treat your body better rule’ that I set for myself. My weight loss has been sitting put like the Sitting Bull, but it’s my fault πŸ˜‰ Okay, I’ve got that off my chest. Now to the good part.
  • My published poetry book makes me very happy.
  • The decent growth of my blog in just a year of blogging always amazes me. It’s just wonderful.
  • The endless burst of inspiration keeps me bubbling. I wish my fingers could work half as fast as the ideas that are streaming through my head.

Thank you, Duchesse. I enjoy your promptings.

P.S. You can join our Summer blog partyΒ by clicking the link. It’s taking place right now and really bubbling. It’s fun and you get to meet fantastic folks. Looking forward to seeing you:-)

Below is my first just published Poetry Book β€œOut of the silent breath” which is available onΒ Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, youΒ support me in an invaluable manner.

Out of the silent breath


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