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She Surprised Him…non-fiction

He scoffed in disdain
underestimating her abilities
but she surprised him
when she set her clipped wings
and flew…

One should never underestimate the strength of a determined woman, for it might take forever but she’ll walk far.

This prompt reminds me of a couple I knew back home.

The man married his wife as a teenager who was barely out of the schoolroom and he tended to treat her in utter disregard, calling her an empty brain who knew nothing quite openly.

It seems to me that he forgot that he was the one who married an empty brain. In essence, he also knew nothing; for two became one.

I gravitate towards people easily, so I got on with the lady even though she was older.

Severally she cried to me about her dreams and how her studies were truncated once her mother died. She got married off at 16 years since their father couldn’t take care of them.

From our interactions, I knew this lady has potentials to amount to more than a foot-mat if she was given the opportunity. and I took it upon myself to help her as much as I could. I encouraged her not to give up on her dreams.

She started taking lessons from her children’s private tutor and without her husband knowing, she enrolled for her General Certificate of Education along with one of her daughters.

I felt such utter pride and joy the day the result was released and my dear friend who was deemed an empty brain according to her husband had made all credits in the five subjects that she registered for.

Unfortunately, she’s solely dependent on her husband who is an ogre and he refused to take responsibility for funding her continued education.

The last time I inquired after her, I heard that she’s petty trading and still hoped that one day, she would get back to school.

For her, I do hope that one day, someday will come.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Underestimate, The Daily Post Prompt

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Out of the silent breath



20 thoughts on “She Surprised Him…non-fiction

  1. A story we continue to hear way too often-even once is too often. Every woman who finds herself in this situation deserves to have her voice heard and acknowledged. The more voices we hear, the stronger their words will be. We all deserve the freedom to choose our lives. Thank you for sharing this woman’s story with us Jacqueline. May one day she be free to choose her life.

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      1. Agreed Jacqueline. It’s an ongoing issue with way too many women going through these types of abusive relationships. I suspect that it can also be more difficult to leave an abusive relationship than it would appear from the outside. I also suspect that there aren’t always enough resources available to these women either. It’s an issue that requires greater awareness and to be made a greater priority by those in the position to help.


  2. I feel bad for this woman. Education can open up so many doors in life. It doesn’t seem she had much choice to marry her husband and drop out of school. I agree if he thinks she is an empty head, he should examine his own brain. I’m betting life experience has taught this woman a whole lot and I’m hoping she can save enough money to go back to school. Seems to me a husband who won’t pay for his wife’s education is afraid she might end up smarter then him lol. Thanks for the nonfiction story.

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    1. It was really sad and the man gives her such a tough time. I was surprised that she passed all five papers but Uju was one determined lady. Unfortunately, for now, her aspiration rests in the cooler.


  3. Urgghhh! Her husband is like Jon Snow, he knows nothing. I feverishly pray that an opening makes it way for her to strive to her full potential. If everyone who reads this post seeks divine intervention in God touching his heart, she will move forward and he will end up her biggest cheerleader. Jackie it is your friend’s time!

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  4. I met a lady like that. She told me she could not read. She was a janitor at a hospital. She wanted to learn to read so bad but her husband did not want her to take classes to learn to read. I think he liked her being dependent on him. Wouldn’t it be awful not to know how to read even cans in the grocery store? I think she finally divorced him. I hope she did learn to read. I bet she did. I love to read books.

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