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I had a recent struggle with malicious attack on my blog that some of you know of and hopefully, when my load is just a little less in the next week or so, I will share the few steps that I followed and the mind-numbing number of emails between myself, google and WordPress before the situation was resolved.

However, I just received a so called email message above from Gmail and my sixth sense simply told me to verify the source, so my verification from WordPress engineers -see discussion thread below – confirms that it’s a phishing mail to harvest your details :/

acquelineobyikocha Hello good morning, this is an emergency please
Mahangu Hi there! What can I help you with?
Mahangu πŸ™‚
jacquelineobyikocha Hello Mahangu
jacquelineobyikocha I just got a funny email alert telling me this
jacquelineobyikocha Hello, We noticed the last document you downloaded, contains a Trojan Virus please follow the link to enable us delete it from your E-MAIL Now. For your safety, We also recommend you format your computer/ Device to further remove any Threat of the virus. Kindest Regards, Gmail! Security Services team
Mahangu Right. You didn’t click that link, did you?
jacquelineobyikocha I believe I did and it wanted me to enter my details and I didn’t
Mahangu Good thinking! That is a “phishing” email, and you can safely ignore it.
Mahangu Gmail, or, or any trustworthy source will never send you a form to enter your account info.
Mahangu They already have it, right? πŸ™‚
jacquelineobyikocha Wow! Can you beat that!
jacquelineobyikocha Good to know. Thank you very much. I will educate some of my readers.
Mahangu Great! πŸ™‚
Mahangu If you think you may have even half entered your account details there though, I would change your real account password.
Mahangu Just to be safe.
jacquelineobyikocha Thank you Mahangu. I just wanted to verify. Do have a good day/afternoon/night etc today
jacquelineobyikocha No I didn’t enter anything but I’ll still go ahead and change my password.

Be very mindful. Secure your passwords, make sure your anti-virus is up-to-date. They are really some malicious people out there.

Be bloggy safe.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha



  1. Always, if in doubt, immediately change any password that you think might have been compromised, close all of your browsing windows and use your Anti-virus program (you do have one, don’t you, everyone?) to clean your computer.

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  2. This is so frustrating. My computer recently had a virus (no thanks to a corrupted USB from a friend) and it’s the most annoying thing ever. I don’t understand what people get from doing this!

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  3. How sad that people have nothing else to do than to be hurtful to others. This morning we got an email from FB stating that someone from Tripoli tried logging in FB using our password. This was a legit warning from FB. We changed the password and all is ok now. Back to your experience, I receive the Daily Digest email every day for those that I subscribe to. Sometime last week, when I accessed your site to read your post, my Firefox browser indicated what I opened was a forged site and wouldn’t let me open it. I dismissed it as Firefox being picky. Now I wonder if this could have been related. Thank you for sharing and I will share as well.

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    1. Facebook stole the love button from a conversation I had on a Facebook website. Within four days or so, the like button was changed to that heart logo we were discussing from the Kindness blog. Facebook also does facial recognition without our consent, and their unscrupulous marketing leaves us open to these hacks. WordPress blocks my internet search engine traffic, so all my traffic is word of mouth. We do not need to flatter these companies just because they have power over us. My self published e-book was ruined by wordpress blocking my attempt to sell an an e-book through e-junkie, a serious book, the sort you do for its own sake and hope to just get by. It took seven years to write it, but I will re-publish. nice that wordpress talks to you: no one can like or comment on my stuff without joining wordpress and giving them information.

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      1. Or I could run for Congress! Who knows if someone else is controlling wordpress, but when I called them, they gave me a sliding scale from 300$ to over a thousand, depending on how much I want to fix the problem. That is extortion, Melon-wedge! Companies must make money not off their power to block the search engines, but the value of their product, their very nice website setup. Tell them Mark said “Get your toll booth out of my driveway, and stop requiring information to market from my visitors, before I scream so loud that someone helps me!

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      2. I had no idea that WordPress would block an attempt to sell an e-book thru your channels! What a bummer. I have not spoken with WordPress. The incident was between Jacqueline Obyikocha and WordPress due to a suspicious email she received. She shared her experience in her blog to make us aware of what can happen. I reblogged to spread the news.

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      3. My sister shows me other people too thought of the need for a Love Button, but we published it as an invention, and tried to get my nephew the whiz to design codde for it.though there will be nothing we can do about it- I’d spread around the $$! The book failed because all my traffic is word-of- mouth, word press keeping us in its own little internet, with few readers of that sort of book. When I complained, they offered to help for a sliding scale of some 300- over 1000 dollars! The analogy is, you hire a company to pave your driveway, even for mutual favors, come home and find a toll booth set up! They do not own the internet, but are profiting from power in addition to the value of their product, which is indeed quite nice. We are pissed more because we have been trying to get the people of Flint Michigan and everywhere to collect rainwater for drinking, and other things for the common good, while they work their toll booth on my visitors to like or comment on anything. I have two books published, and am almost literally starving! So we call Matt Mullenweg Melon-wedge, and go on to the next invention.

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      4. To clarify, I do not know that blocking the e-book was intentional, but the result of what sure appears to be no search engine traffic to the website, so that the book cannot be found by those who might buy it. Word-of-Mouth press is a bit slow, and running out of money, the account lapsed. Contacting them, someone offered to fix the problem for a sliding scale of 300- over 1000$, which is extortion. My plan was to start the publication by selling e-books, since I have no money, due to spending the seven years in study, etc. That no one could like or comment on my stuff without giving wordpress information to market and even joining wordpress, I had to figure out for myself, and then the “happiness engineers” would not admit it in the forum. I found them admitting it to someone else down the page, showed them, then they disappeared. Incidentally, when I tried to access this blog and your website, the computer blasted that happiness song, which is nice, but a person is sleeping here in the night. I went then into my Toshiba settings, and found that the microphone was on and set to record, by “default,” of course after I thought I had turned it off.Our technology is spying on us, and this must stop, and we must stop it. It is not safe. Again, these companies have taken what they do not own. Sure, we can find an honest company (?), but I am afraid any such would be out of business. That is what laws are for, and the internet is still lawless, like the wild West.

        Or is it just me? Ork!

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