Phishing And Security Alert!!

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Of recent, a number of my readers notified me that they receive a phishing security report when they try to access my site and I verified this through another browser.

Well, it does seem some crooks are busy cooking up mischief somewhere. I have alerted WordPress engineers, hopefully, this will get resolved soon. In any case, be viral aware, protect your blogging property as much as you can.

I will keep you updated.



35 thoughts on “Phishing And Security Alert!!

  1. When I tried to visit your site, I got a red screen with the security alert. But when I clicked on the comment button under your post on my reader, I could read the full post but I did not get to go to your site.

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  2. That’s really weird and it must have been recent, since I visit your blog quite often. I try to vet all links/URLs that I include in my posts to prevent that from happening. WP has been known to shut down blogs for bad links. I have noted, however, that sometimes people use a URL or email address as a username and their blogs get flagged. It was good of your subscriber to tell you about it. I hope that the matter gets resolved soon.

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    1. Yeah! I observed two days ago that my site was acting funny when loading. Then yesterday the red flag started popping up and several others notified me as well. Meanwhile, the amount of spam that I have been receiving seemed to have doubled as well. I have notified WP and they are taking a look. I also try to verify the source of anything but you are never too sure with these things.

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      1. I have tried again. When I use Mozilla browser I get the alert. But when I use Chrome, I can access your site easily. Not sure what that means. Calling the IT guys on here just in case.

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