Phishing And Security Alert!!

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Of recent, a number of my readers notified me that they receive a phishing security report when they try to access my site and I verified this through another browser.

Well, it does seem some crooks are busy cooking up mischief somewhere. I have alerted WordPress engineers, hopefully, this will get resolved soon. In any case, be viral aware, protect your blogging property as much as you can.

I will keep you updated.


35 thoughts on “Phishing And Security Alert!!

  1. When I tried to visit your site, I got a red screen with the security alert. But when I clicked on the comment button under your post on my reader, I could read the full post but I did not get to go to your site.

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  2. That’s really weird and it must have been recent, since I visit your blog quite often. I try to vet all links/URLs that I include in my posts to prevent that from happening. WP has been known to shut down blogs for bad links. I have noted, however, that sometimes people use a URL or email address as a username and their blogs get flagged. It was good of your subscriber to tell you about it. I hope that the matter gets resolved soon.

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