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Like some of you know, it has been a hectic couple of days with my blog placed on quarantine *security alert*.

However, with concerted efforts on my side, your support, the very supportive assistance of WordPress Engineers and Google’s cooperation, my blog has been cleared of the malicious whatamacallit.

What I don’t have is a concrete explanation for what went wrong.

I however, came away with several useful knowledge. Hopefully, over the weekend, I can sit down and put together a quick post as a reference point that someone in such pickle can refer to, assuming the cases are related.

So, to my blog’s bill of health, I say let’s blog on with integrity.

According to my home people, we would say, no dulling my swag 😉

Thanks to everyone.


Phishing And Security Alert!!

Monster, Blue, Internet, Security, Attack, Firewall

Of recent, a number of my readers notified me that they receive a phishing security report when they try to access my site and I verified this through another browser.

Well, it does seem some crooks are busy cooking up mischief somewhere. I have alerted WordPress engineers, hopefully, this will get resolved soon. In any case, be viral aware, protect your blogging property as much as you can.

I will keep you updated.