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That Mysterious Spirit Of Deja Vu…Writers Quote Wednesday


Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you’ve met them before? JoAnne Kenrick, When A Mullo Loves A Woman

The prompt for this week’s writers quote is ‘mystery.’ We can write a piece of fiction, poetry etc, incorporating the word mystery.

I chose to write on incident’s that I have experienced severally in my life, especially because I had one just over the weekend and I daresay that you’ve probably had several yourself. I’ve had instances where I run into total strangers and I am totally convinced that our paths have crossed at some point in time. I have this certain feeling of knowing and familiarity which I found to be a bit eerie especially when I was much younger.

This also includes overhead conversations, that would have me questioning myself, trying to recollect where I had that conversation.

For days, I would mull over such episodes, but over time, I no longer bother with it. Now when I run into a seemingly familiar person, if I am close enough, I engage them in a conversation, laugh over the matter and move on.

I wrote the poem below in respect of that.

Our paths crossed each others
and a frisson of familiarity
raced through me.
The drone of your voice
curled inside my eardrums
pulling at memories
that are stored within.

Yet we’ve never met…

A pull to draw closer and eavesdrop
made me pause and stand in clear sight
perplexed thought crossing my mind
as I shamelessly eavesdropped on your conversation
I was sure that sometime, somewhere,
we had the same conversation, you and I.

Yet we’ve never met…

I tried to unravel the mystery in my mind
woolly cobwebs of memories buried
couldn’t cough up the answers that I sought
I dug deeper into dark recesses
seeking the unknown.
Who knew where what time and in what life
our paths had crossed

Yet we’ve never met…

I cease my attempt to decipher
I seek no longer to solve
mysteries of déjà vu
that my mind wouldn’t unravel
But, I’ve come to understand in acceptance
that somewhere, somehow and in some life
You and I are kindred spirits.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

14 thoughts on “That Mysterious Spirit Of Deja Vu…Writers Quote Wednesday

  1. Yes. Happens to me all the time. And I love it. 💕 And not just people…with places as well. As I child, I wandered around New York City like I’d been there all my life. Same with Toronto, Ontario when vacationing there as an adult…so familiar and welcoming to me. Makes you wonder. ???

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  2. Jacqueline, your prose was absolutely beautiful. I am a Buddhist and they say that deja vu is a portal to your past life. Personally, whenever I have had deja vu, I can pinpoint it to a dream that I had at one time or another. For me, it is like a premonition of things to come. Another school of thought is that deja vu with another person means you are soul mates. Not totally in a “love” kind of way but in the way of friendships. I like deja vu. It is a throwback to ancient times when we used to think with all of our senses. You certainly did it justice with your poem! What a mystery! ❤

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    1. Hello Colleen, for some reason your comment disappeared and now has reappeared :/ That theory of deja vu as a portal is quite interesting indeed and honestly, I am inclined to think so. I think there’s far more than our naked eyes can see. A whole lot of mystery out there. It’s been an interesting thought on my mind.

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  3. Yes, I have had that feeling too…. that feeling of seeing someone for the first time, but somehow knowing it isn’t the first time. So strange.

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