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Featured posts #26…Let me share your post links.



Today’s featured blogs are:

The day dreamer a beautiful peek into Shannon’s personality. I find it refreshing and always love to know a bit about my friends.

Moving towards the light Have you gone down Paradise road? Not yet? I think you should peek in and listen. Lovely , thoughtful and very neighbourly Mandi sent me these links to her friend’s blog to share and I am glad she did 🙂

The last supper villain This link is also sent it by Mandi. An entertaining, hilarious read. Good riddance to Whitney Small-Pittling.

Expanding horizons with the help of expanding IVF technology, involuntary childlessness will hopefully become a thing of the past.

Binding Sarn is bound and led like a thief to punishment unknown. The saga continues.

Please visit their blogs and say hello. A few minutes may gain you a friendly support.

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