I am learning to eat to live…TGBOL

I knew that I was forgetting something and that’s The Great Book Of Lists.

This week’s word is about food. My favourite dishes and more.

I like food, no doubts about that but the strange thing is that I am also not finicky about it.

I am adventurous as well, as long as it’s not a live squiggly creature.

The shameful truth * with my eyes covered* is that I would probably prefer to eat desserts 365 days of my life to proper food.

Cooked food bores me easily especially since I do the cooking and this hasn’t helped my weight struggle. After cooking for my household, I will reach for a piece of croissant or cookies.

It’s been a struggle to break that cycle and I am trying to find ways of eating better.

That being said, there are some dishes that are constant faves of mine and I will resist adding the sweets 😉

  1. Jollof rice  is a one-pot rice dish popular in many West African countries, eaten whenever desired.
Party Jollof rice with plantain and moin-moin
Party Jollof rice with plantain and moin-moin








2. Nigerian porridge beans and fried plantain 

3. Oha soup and pounded yam is a traditional soup made from cocoyam paste, Oha vegetable, dry fish, meat and other condiment.

4. Soft boiled yam and egg sauce

5. Pepper soup is a special peppery broth, made with a mix of spices, lots of pepper, and scraps of meat, most especially goat meat.

6. Isi ewu is another delicacy prepared with special spices and the severed head of a goat, cut into little bits.

7. Peppered Gizzard

8. Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup

9. Chilli bean soup

10. Mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce and steak.

11. Lasagna with lots of cheese and ground beef.

12. I love Pasta.. in all forms


P.S. Images borrowed from Nairaland and Pinterest.



27 thoughts on “I am learning to eat to live…TGBOL

  1. I have Nigerian and Ghanaian neighbours and friends who make jollof rice, usually for special occasions. It’s delicious!
    Have you shared entire West African recipes on your blog? Would love to try something new. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I grew up mostly with things like your # 10. Huge fan of mashed potatoes and gravy…served with anything. Hard habit to break, but that’s okay with me. Never have been a fan of sweets…we only did desserts on special occasions. Your list made me hungry. 💕


  3. Well Jackie, for posting these delicacies, I need to be appeased with the boiled yam, oha soup and peppered gizzard. What? Yam! My fav anytime and in any form – fried, grilled, roasted or as yam pottage. The rest you can keep. Thank you. 🙂


  4. The jollof soup sounds yummy. I’m going to search for a recipe. I must say that I feel hungry now 😊. I was born and grew up part ways in Mozambique and I yearn for the flavours of that country. I remember eating kapenta in Namibia and sometimes visited a west african restaurant when I went to Windhoek on business. I’m going to search for some recipes.


  5. Yum yum yum yum YUM!

    This is correct food, Oha soup is heavenly and Isi-ewu is magical.

    I wish we could just eat as we pleased and not gain a single ounce of weight. XD


  6. And i was just thinking, you had the Party a month ago and gave us that rice…… Happy birthday girl, and quit make me hungry for the pancakes! 😀


  7. I’ve always said that the problem in my family is that we don’t have preferences for sweet, salty, savory…we love them all! I’m the only one of “normal” weight cause I workout so much, but none of us suffers from the chronic disease that’s so common. We Love good nutritious food so much, that is mostly what we overeat!
    I love chili, lasagna, salad!!!, steak (who doesn’t,) meatloaf, lobster, roast, bone soup…I could go on, but you get the point!

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