Jiggly, Wobbly…Ronovan’s weekly poetry haiku challenge.

Ronovan always chooses words that makes me titter. I like the pair that we got this week ‘class and firm.’ 🙂

Perched on ridiculous killer heels

Her bottom landed first on the class floor

And received a firm smack

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


40 thoughts on “Jiggly, Wobbly…Ronovan’s weekly poetry haiku challenge.

  1. Haha! I have indeed fallen wearing killer heels a time or two. I find myself looking for heels inbetween now not a tiny heel but not a five inch one either. Also, placement of the heel is very important, if it is placed to far back the heels are too uncomfortable to wear 🙂 Good post!

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  2. OMG! I laughed like crazy after watching the video which goes perfectly with the Haiku… 🙂
    But I also feel really very sorry for those girls but still couldn’t control laughing!

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  3. The video is hilarious!! I did the platform shoes thing back in the 1970s. Fell twisted my left ankle at a right angle! Pain. Swelling. Then I went to the next shoe fad called Earth Shoes which young people now a days call Birkenstocks! There is a reason that these shoes are called Killer Heels! LOL!! 🙂 😀


I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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