Midnight Motivation And Musings #18


There are times when we are inadvertently hit by blows that destiny sends our way. Blows that we may never have been in a position to deflect, but one thing is that we can choose our attitude towards how the rest of our lives continues after these experiences.

Are we going to be stuck on the ‘Woe is me junction?’ Filled with bitterness and the bile of it all?

What purpose will that serve? None! Except building up the bile and angst, which is dangerous for our wellness and state of being.

Now, there are also incidents and hurts inflicted on us by others and we bear grudges the size of a mountain for them.

That’s giving someone rent free space in your head. Space that could be used for better things than dwelling on bitterness that takes us nowhere.

Forgiving them does not mean that you have forgotten the lesson learnt from the bitter experience, but it’s a way of setting yourself free.

Allowing these bitterness to dictate your life means that you will always remain in the victim mindset loop.

Cut yourself loose. Whatever it will take to get your life back, talk about it, cry about it, write about it, pray about it…..

….Set your heart free and get your life back.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

18 thoughts on “Midnight Motivation And Musings #18

  1. This is true. Bitterness is a poison to be avoided at any cost. Bitterness gives birth to revenge and furthering hurt possibly, even to the point of death isn’t a solution to anything. I think it is natural and even godly to feel anger towards needless suffering, manufactured misery, and injustice. When it seems impossible to escape such a situation, bitterness is the natural response. The only, good recourse I’ve found is to reach for the super-natural solution and place all my righteous anger in God’s hands and know vengeance belongs to Him and He will eventually, justify all wrongs. I talk, cry, and write too but all of that takes me to the true place where I find some relief. I want to be a joyful older woman and not a bitter old lady!

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  2. We must also remember that some things alter us to the point of no return, and healing is a process. It is not always just a matter of forgiving someone… sometimes circumstances change people in ways that can never be expected… physically, emotionally, and mentally. Forgiveness is a given, but it doesn’t change the fact that the person who has been unalterably injured must then face the process of adapting to a new life in which they will face many challenges. There is no letting go of that… there is only embracing it. And while we begin by making small steps… we all need a proper support system when our bodies, our minds, or both falter because of circumstances beyond our control. Or because of someone else’s abuse.

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  3. Forgiveness heals the soul and provides peace to the one who has been wronged. It benefits the person who forgives more than the one forgiven. Holding a grudge or resentment is robbing oneself of peace and restoration of the soul that one so desperately needs. Great post!

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  4. I have all the “head knowledge” about it, I’m an intelligent woman–and it’s not like I desire to hold onto things…but it’s like they’ve been super-glued to my heart’s brain. Definitely an albatross…but will keep trying, as the Lord says we already have Victory in Him–I just need to see it manifested! And right now! (did I mention that Patience is an issue for me too??)

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  5. You organize and deliver your message well while being consice and objectively open! Thank you for another brilliantly directed arrow against such foes that plague Mankind. His curse is himself! Not until he can see his fellow Man without predjudice or judgement, will he truly be free. I think we still have a ways to go as a species. Works like this help us along the way!

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