Midnight Motivations And Musings #15 …..



All the time spent worrying or nit-picking over issues that don’t add any value to our lives, but rather increases our headaches and gray hairs are unnecessary baggage that we should strive to let go of as much as possible.

Some have become experts in sweating the small stuff, in finding logs in other people’s eyes and generally nosey-poking into affairs that is none of their business, while they leave their own lives to flounder.

On the other hand, some are weighed down with so much that it seems as if the weight of the World is resting on their shoulders.

Isn’t it high time you started tossing away some of that ridiculous load that you are lugging around?

Isn’t it high time you started making your journey lighter and more peaceful?

Think on it. There are some excesses not worth taking along.

Ā© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

21 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations And Musings #15 …..

  1. We (as the human race) worry about what may happen if!
    If we only dealt with the now , we would stop stressing the what ifs and might have beens. A contingency plan is always good as is having the emergency numbers handy incase. But looking at them in such detail makes you feel like an emergency is bound to happen. Fear is the same, I’m scared of heights … incase I fall? Crazy.

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  2. I’m trying to lighten this load but it isn’t easy. All my husband and I ever wanted was a simple life and we made choices to live within our means and tried to build and income for our future. Now, we are at that future and the weight placed on us by government regulations, required insurances, taxes, penalties and fines for the slightest infraction is draining our simple life and all we’ve worked for to provide for ourselves in old age is being drained away. Add the burden of getting older and failing health and life does get very heavy, at times. We are old fashioned, hard working, independent minded Americans, and the world drastically changed, catching us at an age when it’s hard to adapt. Even now though, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that a focus that is right makes an impossible load seem lighter.

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    • Phew! I can’t imagine how tedious this must be. I wonder at times if the government ever pays mind to it’s senior citizens? Some of the policies they come up with are almost brutal to retirees and those who are getting on in age. It’s just unfair. I wonder how much one needs to set aside in order to live a simple and peaceful life as they age? Exhausting to think of and old age comes with a whole lot of challenges as well. I love your ever positive focus, it does help a heavy load feel lighter. My warm regards to both of you.

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  3. Well said I agree!!! Worry sucks! I am trying to figure out ways to clear my mind. Meditation is good I hear. But, its at night when I worry and future trip as I call it. I gotta learn how to stop doing that…..

    Thanks for sharing, Annette

    Ps What do I need to do for tomorrow’s challenge? Is there a tag or link you want me to use? Rules you want me to go by? Let me know….Thanks

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  4. Reminds me of a book, baggage was in the title, about not carrying it all around with us. If you can picture your mound of boxes and luggage as you try to go through the doorway then you can see you are carrying too much. Or something like that. It was very helpful to think about letting go of the past we cart along the way

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