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Your Harvest Comes In Heaps And Spades…

‘Icho ime ife, ime e ya ofuma.’

These wise words echoes in my ears as I write this post and it translates to mean ‘ anything worth doing, is what doing well.’

I remember growing up and having to go to our farm with my parents to till the ground for planting maize, cassava, potatoes, pumpkin and any other crop that was due to be planted. Back then we grew most of our food.

With my hoe, I would make what I considered a nice mound of red earth and when my dad comes round for inspection, he would call me by his pet name for me and in his gentle way, he would say: ‘you’ve done well, but it would be better if the mound was just a little higher’ and would complete his correction with that sentence up above.

This was repeatedly applied in so many ordinary things that we did, from our house chores of sweeping with the broom, washing plates, clothes, weeding the compound to our studies.

Thus it became embedded in my mind, that if you choose to do something, give it your best shot.

If you choose to love someone, love them without placing the conditions that they must fulfill to become worthy of your love.

If you are working for someone, do it wholeheartedly because some day, someone will probably turn around to work for you. As my people would say ‘when you respect the King, Kingship will also come to you.’

In everything that one does, they should do it to the best of their ability. Not for the sake of eye service, but for the sake of self-service.

Sow and Water and leave the bountiful harvest to providence. It always pays in heaps and spades.

Let me leave these three extra farming proverbs for you to mull over with your cup of coffee:

‘Good gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.’

‘As the farm grows, so does the farmer.’

‘If you tickle your earth hard enough, she will laugh for you with bountiful harvest.’

I would like to thank Maria Jansson for her generous invitation to participate in the quotes challenge and would like to extend the invitation to these lovely bloggers.


Kay Morris

Sarah C

P.S. No hard rules to participate.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


27 thoughts on “Your Harvest Comes In Heaps And Spades…

  1. I cannot agree more.

    We self define on how we do a thing. And we know when we’ve done it without intention of doing it well. In other words “half assed it”.

    Lots of things in my life I do without much intention or thought, but I’m always aware of a certain amount of self pride when I put in the intention to do it well and act upon it.

    I think the more we do with that intention the better we feel about ourselves. And that is ultimately what leads to a good life.

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  2. Another deeply thought out post Jackie…Give it your best shot if you have decided to do anything. Great and rich words of wisdom too. Ok farmer Jackie when was the last time you visited a farm?!…ha…ha…haa. Have a great weekend.

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  3. You always have the best quotes Jackie which really are nuggets of wisdom. I swear, you are like a container that is already full but is continuously being filled and are running over with all of the goodness that has been imparted in you. Just keep letting it spill over…the rest of us will gladly partake! 🙂

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