A Must Read Tag-along Poem Cooked By All Of Us… Tuesday Trivia


Her eyes shone with tears

That clung to her lashes

She glanced at the ring

It’s twinkles brought back flashes

 Seeking you first

She knew in her heart,

she’d never forget this day.

The emotions she felt,

overwhelming- in a way.


–blue shoes and sashes 

 Melinda Kucsera

she knew where the stash is–

of chocolates liquor splashed,

frosted with white slashes… 


Memories were there

Of Love and of laughter

A future there too

Of happily ever after 

Oba Kingsoracle

At last, he said it

It seemed like forever

But here and now

Her heart for him to keep



She was anticipating all the joy he would bring 

Sarah C

As the band struck a tune….

was it too soon?

the cat crossed their path quickly

And then it was time for giggling 


She spent all that time, years

she would never see those crashes

in trust, it is time to sell that bling. 


He’d bought such a rock,

She couldn’t conceive,

It was bought with his love,

In his love, she believed.


The really special thing

About our love is this

When your not in my arms

Your pheromones I constantly miss!

Elizabeth Zertuche

Of when they first met

Now seen through the years 


The midnight sea glistened

With the moon’s tender touch

Bated breath he listened

He wanted her so much 


Of first dates and kisses

The movies and dances

Writing Mr. & Mrs.

And lifetime romances

Dreamer of Dreams

A lover, a tryst,

A melding of hearts

An evening of mist

And now, they’re apart. 

What Sandra thinks

I’ve missed you, my dear

My arms have been lonely

Come home to me, love

You’re my one and only 


“Flashbacks are scary,

they signal PTSD,

so she knew in a moment

she really must flee.”

Joy indestructible

She heard the song he loved to sing

Salty tears to clean heart’s slashes

Waiting for a new day life to bring

Hope to resolve all angry clashes 

Bitter Sweet

She remembered the past,

As she stood there is her gown.

They has been thru so much,

Thru the ups and downs 

♥♥ FROM US ♥♥

‘A beautiful poem if I may say so myself.’

P.S. I have a strong feeling that some verses got lost in the deluge of comments. Please, if you sent in a contribution and it’s not here, just give me a heads-up so that I can adjust it.

Thank you all for participating. It was fun reading all the contributions 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

49 thoughts on “A Must Read Tag-along Poem Cooked By All Of Us… Tuesday Trivia

  1. Great starter verse Jacquie and the contributions were wonderful 🙂 Although the Valentine’s theme was very catchy I couldn’t get a romantic line together to save my life all weekend 😉 [By the way, and this is not a jibe – but hubby1974s verse had pheremones in it, you’ve copied in a verse that appears later in the poem into his slot…very easily done and hope you don’t mind me pointing it out – feel free to edit out this note]

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  2. I am amazed you found us in all the party cleanup ha ha 😀 and the tickets they sold that I am sure became much confetti lol 😀 thanks again for the lovely time, met some new peeps, follows etc and am resting and I didn’t even host the thing 😉

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  3. Reblogged this on Dialogue from the Depths and commented:
    ell, here it is… The tag-along poem you’ve all been waiting for. Special thanks Jacqueline for arranging the exercise and hosting the party too.

    I am constantly amazed at the new & creative ways to bring the blogosphere to ‘life’, promoting connection, love and support.

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  4. Reblogged this on The Wishing Well and commented:
    I made a commitment following Jacquie’s weekend blogparty that every day for fourteen days I would reblog a post by one of the party guests This is rebog#3 of 14 and today I have chosen the group poem, started and arranged by our incredible host herself, Jacqueline Obyikocha – she serves up some awesome flavours at her cooking pot, go grab a taste 🙂 I didn’t join the group poem but enjoyed reading the contributions as they popped up in the comments and like the final arrangement of it too. Reblogging this post also shares with you a bunch of other party guests blogs I’d recommend as Jacqueline has linked to them within the poem accrediting the contributors 🙂 Have a nice day all, hope you enjoy…

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  5. This was a super idea as was the party, unfortunately I could only attend the one day but did so with gusto. Thank you again for inviting and tolerating my random posts and ideas , I so wanted to give my all as I would be neglecting you all on day two. To all my new connections Thank you. X😇

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