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It’s A Love Thing…Featured Blogs No. 4

For the next few days till my Valentine Shindig, I will be featuring several blogs a day on one post, as a way of showing some love to fellow awesome and supportive blogger friends of mine. 1454511643782[1]

You can share the fun and the love by sharing the party invitation as much as you can. Bring your Bae, your sweetheart, your neighbourlybloggers, your old lady, your old man, even your dogs and cats are invited.

It’s a way to connect with other bloggers and hey, who knows, you might hit it off with someone 😉

Please share and share alike. Thank you very much.

For today’s features, I am showing some love to the bloggers listed below:

‘Let all that you do, be done in love.’ 1 Cor 16:14

Gradmama Have you been to see her? If you’ve not I think you really should. She is my staunch supporter and such a warm person. You will enjoy her wit and encouragement. Trust me.

Pancake Bunnykins, a sweet soul just as her name implies. She has remained a supportive friend over these months in blogland.

Traveling Rock hopper despite all the pit stops made hopping rocks, she always pops in to say hello and I enjoy her photos from around the World.

Cindy‘s photos are so captivating and keeps me staring at them.

Van I totally enjoy her fresh outlook at topics. Her ponderings also makes me ponder and I always leave her blog feeling good.

Amanpan is an awesome and friendly blogger. Always supportive of her friends and I tell you, you will enjoy her brews and chatter 🙂

Deb In my mind, I call her bright and cheerful Deb. She always has an inspiring and kind word to offer and I have quite enjoyed interacting with her.

Simply me, when I count those who are always there to add their sunshine, I count you. Thank you for all your support.

Ruth, there is just something about Ruth that makes me know that I would thoroughly enjoy sitting and sipping cocoa while listening to her. I think it’s the way she uses words.

Pamela warm, open, supportive and down-to-earth. A quintessential romance writer, I have enjoyed connecting with Pamela right from the beginning and her support means a whole lot.

Bisi my Naija sister with a passion for feminine matters. Never far from reaching out her hand to say well done and chip in a word of encouragement. Thank you my dear. ‘Dalu, Eku ise

Walking this path, I have been so blessed to have you all by my side. Thank you very much.’

My regards,

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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