Here Is Your Invitation….RSVP Please



Bring out all the whistles and the bells,

Turn up in your dancing shoes and your glad rags,

Let’s have the bottles of wine and cookies,

Some decadent chocolates, cakes and ice-cream would do too,

All the good vibes that’s on your mind.

It will be happening live.

Let’s jiggle and mingle

And show some love

#It’s a love thing connection time.

I hope to see you at this party

‘Cos it will be blog-hopping 🙂

♥ ♥

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


181 thoughts on “Here Is Your Invitation….RSVP Please

  1. Ooh, 4;40 am here and i drop by for your post to suddenly blast out at full volume ‘it’s a love thing’, which is of course wonderful, and I’m laughing – but I just heard my neighbour’s bedroom door open and close… so, we woke him/them about an hour and a half too early and they might be grumpy all day now. My fault, really, guess I have to remember at night to not leave my volume turned up high in case it happens anywhere else with something worse – I suppose they might think it’s my very early morning alarm and not mind really… cake… yum…I hope to make it then 😀 thank you 🙂

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  6. Such a beautiful idea – I am new to the blogosphere, so can someone tell me what I should wear?

    I don’t usually celebrate this, but ‘life is short’, so any excuse to party…. right?

    If you’re interested in a humorous look at our mortality, check my latest Funny Friday post.

    Looking forward…

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  8. I think you have decorated my heart with your sweet words. Life is beautiful. Valentine’s day is special to show love to our partners. I always like whatever comes from you. Wishing you happy weekend.

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  10. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Be your own Valentine this weekend and join the partay…hosted by the one and only Ms. Jackie O…come by anytime! All you need to bring is love! Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!!! xo

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  11. Wow! I finally found a link to the party. This is priceless joy and I am the author of the blog, “Beautiful Words.” It is nice meeting everyone here at Jacqueline’s sweet love party and I am here to spread/share the love! Come visit me at I would love to meet you. 🙂 Now I am going to go meet some people.

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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