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Save Me From Myself…Help! This is torturous.

I am not crazy and I am not exaggerating.

Sometimes, my muse runs off into the wild winds not to be found.

But that sometimes is very, very rare.

As a matter of fact, I am wishing that the muse would run off for some days and let me have peace.

How do you quieten the thousand voices of characters in your head, with ideas racing from pillar to post and vying for your attention.

A lot of times my body is tired but my brain remains supercharged and the voices just won’t keep quiet.

It’s totally driving me mad.

Even when I say that I am not going to think. I STILL THINK.

Hey! Is anybody out there? I need good tips of how to kill a muse and get some sleep.

What do you do to keep the voices in your head shut? Short of hitting my head with a sledgehammer!

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


45 thoughts on “Save Me From Myself…Help! This is torturous.

  1. Mostly I get up and give in. About two hours later, the muse will take a rest generally. Don’t try the “hitting head with sledgehammar” angle. It only results in thinking about whether you are going to write about the experience by descriptive narrative, as an item in your diary, in third person or first person, perhaps make a play out of it, or should you try the humorous approach, or should you play the role of a counselor pointing out the disadvantage of such ploy, or should you — warning the muse loves this game!

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  2. I also have some sleepless nights when my brain cells won’t stop jumping even though I am physically dead tired.

    So, I open up my laptop and do whatever until my brain cells are satisfied. :p

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      1. True I have read many studies that claim that people who suffer from sleeping disorder are more intelligent and creative.
        Me too I keep a red notebook next to my bed; πŸ˜€ Insomnia helped me to boost my creativity, I guess you can say it is my little dark angel

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  3. I consciously leave my thinking corner,especially when the flow is gushing and my body can’t take no more, lie on the sofa in front of the TV, Before I can say “Jack Robinson” i am already in dream land! That means the sleeping element has taken over from my “adrenalin rush of ideas”. πŸ˜€

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      1. I don’t watch it too like that! I have found out that in between all the writing ,studying,wifing and mothering πŸ˜€ .I can steal 1hr or so to unwind and rest,once I do that ehn! sleep is beckoning.

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  4. I can offer you some assistance in the way of using crystals, Sodalite: Helps with peace & stillness, quiets the mind of being busy & chattering. Hematite: it is calming. I also do a grateful list in my mind as I get ready to go to sleep. I can’t hear the chatter while thinking of things I’m grateful for!

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  5. I guess i am not alone in this muse thing! Ok here is what i do , i simply pen down the title of my idea in my ideas book then leave it to come back later.

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  6. Meditation should help. However, it takes time to get use to it cause when you first start, thoughts keep popping up but after awhile it gets better. I sometimes listen to sleep meditation or positive affirmations while lying in the bed. You can find tons of them on youtube.

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