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Your Time, Your Light, Your Life…

Try not to waste time on darkness that robs you of your light!

How you spend your time, defines who you are or who you become!

Some people suffer from major ego-dysfunction and seem to dwell only in dark, negative auras; that once you get sucked in, they rob you of the light and energy that you require for yourself and others!

They are not interested in your time nor the positive energy that you channel to them, but the narcissistic pleasure they derive from waste!

Remember that change cannot be forced down a person’s throat! That person has to desire the change itself, because true change starts from within to without!

You may share your empathy with all, but choose wisely those who dine in the inner cores of your heart!

Use your light for greater good, your life will be better for it!

Wasting your time is simply wasting your life!

Protect your time. It is your life!

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


42 thoughts on “Your Time, Your Light, Your Life…

  1. Very true. I seem to not be able to escape all such persons but keeping my focus on Jesus helps me stay above the fray. I can’t fill the need of such persons but He can. No one is beyond His ability to heal if they turn to Him in faith. The best way to love a narcissist is to maintain strong boundaries and pray.:0) Happy Sunday, Jacqueline.

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  2. One can only wonder why some people choose to dwell in darkness and negativity. It’s like they’ve fallen into a pit, but instead of trying to find a way out they dig even further into the ground. Another wonderful post!

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  3. Yes, yes, yes. Preach the word, well the other word. Folks do listen to please to Jacqueline. Get ride all the negative, it sucks into you and kills your soul. It is a process but a worthy, I am still on that process.

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