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Peter Beard – Writer’s World

For those who may be unable to make out the inscription on the photo:

Greetings from Koobi Fiora/Lake Rudolf April 1965

I’ll write whenever I can. Sincerely Peter Beard 4141 Nairobi

Writer, Photographer, Artist


Make The Blank Page Your Theatre Of Dreams

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Any writer that tells you that they don’t suffer from ‘writer’s block’ is lying. They may have discovered a few tips and tricks to help them shoot this problem down with a draw quicker than The Outlaw Jose Wales, but they still have moments where they stare at the blank page like a prison cell. It is only natural. It is sometimes inevitable. But, as the great Charles Bukowski so aptly said, writing about writer’s block is better than not writing at all. Amen.


With this thought treading water in our frontal lobes recently, we went and spoke to a handful of writers and asked them how they get themselves back on track and get the creative juices flowing once more.

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Do Something Else Creative

Pick up a paintbrush and start splashing color around. Take on some poetry. Try your hand at graphic design. Go and dig out your old photos and make a gorgeous collage out of them. Go and build something in your shed or whittle something out of wood. Whatever takes your fancy, so long as it stirs your imagination. Just step away from the page for a bit and find a well of inspiration to get you going again. It could be a few minutes break or an hour, maybe a few days or a week. It doesn’t matter. Just step away and refill.

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The Art of Freewriting

Writer’s block tends to creep into our being when we are writing something that has a purpose. So why not write without a purpose and start writing whatever comes into your mind. Start a sentence with the word ‘camembert’ or the name ‘Isaac’ and see where the pen takes you, see where you go. Don’t even concern yourself with grammar or punctuation, just write anything that comes to your head, and write as freely as possible. You’ll find that this freewriting exercise will inspire new ideas. Don’t ask us how just know that it will.

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Your Body Was Made To Move

That is a fact of life, so why not allow yourself the chance to let it move. Go for a walk, climb the stairs, do ten minutes of yoga or take on a thirty-minute bike ride. Put on some music and dance. Even a simple stretch will do. Just make sure you move once in awhile. When your body starts moving and flowing so will you mind, and that is where words follow suit. It is to do with the endorphins that get released. They make you creative, and that’s what you need to beat back the blank page.


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The Early Bird And All That

The mind can do amazing things when it is still half asleep. It latches onto the pattern of your dreams and that encourages you to be more creative and in touch with the subconscious, from which some of the most astounding results will fall onto the paper. Try it. Try getting up at 4 o’clock, or 5 or 6 o’clock, and see what your brain churns up while still unsure as to why you are awake at this hour. You’ll be surprised at how quickly any notion of writer’s block disappears.

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Writing chameleon… Writers quote Wednesday challenge

This week’s writers quote challenge gives us the word artist as prompt.

Sometimes, I find it amusing when people question if writers are artists and it simply defines how myopic the stretch of their mind can be.

To all such people, I say ‘but of course, writers are artists, we simply paint our creation in words. A castle in the mist can be built in the mind.

I find this quote from Steve Martin interesting and I wrote a poem that came to me.

“Through the years, I have learned there is no harm in charging oneself up with delusions between moments of valid inspiration.”
― Steve Martin, Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life

Unperceived, imperceptible,
I scan with beady eyes
appreciating and critiquing
a second nature
whipping thoughts together
my truest pleasure

I am blazing hot and chilling cold
pencil tucked inside my unruly hair
occasionally interferes with the hoops in ears
my lips wet in dribbling anticipation
eyes dim and shine in secret reflections.
displeased with any interruptions.

In retro jeans and slack red T’s
with tinted hair in shades of wine
a pinch of blue is tossed inside
an enhancement of some rebellious side
now this is my bohemian side

I am chatty and I am snobbish
I wear heels with lots of flourish
engrossed in my beat
churning thoughts on spit
as ink is tossed with a relentless streak

My soul screams within
as voices chatter and cackle
my heart knows uncanny quietness
as I bash out the tempestuous battle

I am not a freak but an artist
a human writing chameleon of non-ebbing talent
emboldened by the beats of the mind
I dance like a puppet on my muse’s string.

I am making something out of nothing.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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A Toast To Good Writing…Monday Meme


Quick Quirky Fact

  • Agatha Christie was still speaking to her imaginary friends well into her seventies.

So, don’t worry about those friends inhabiting your head. You’ve not gone cuckoo yet 😉

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald once danced on the lawn of publishers Doubleday to attract Joseph Conrad; the caretaker noticed him and had him removed.

I am just planting some ideas here 🙂

It’s always lovely to start the week and each day as much as we can with a smile and positive outlook. I find Leannenz Monday memes interesting.

Do have a fruitful and blessed week awesome people.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha