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Trapped, Mind, Tether, Chains That Bind, Mental Health

Most times,
the chains that bind us
are tethered to our minds;

and only us






Looped Control…

Mouse, Trapped, Loop

‘As a team, you must keep me in the loop’
she requested of him,
and for sure he did,
he made sure the loop was tight.

he strung her high up with hopes
and lowered her down to the slumps
where he watched her writhe
as she fought to regain control,

like a squeaky mouse
she sought a way out,
for the space in the loop
was squeezing out her life.

© Jacqueline

The Daily Post – Loop

Brevity…Thursday Trivia



The brevity of my words

Is not for lack of what to say

….But a reflection

Of the state of my mind

Where the invasion

Of dream-filled thoughts

That pervades them

Leaves me breathless

…..Unable and reluctant

To trap them in words.


I let them float free.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha