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This Joyful Morning…

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I walk with the gentle wind touching my skin, its crispness a delightful contrast to the heated breeze of weeks past,

with my face turned to the sun that glitters off the face of the waters like a thousand stars, I stare at the simpleness, the glorious beauty of everything.

The birds chirp away, cars zoom past mere meters away along the highway, and they seem to be in a different time zone,

the man with his clinking bicycle rides past whistling in tandem to the music in his mind and a barefoot man hurries past me, earthing himself and getting feet tanned, I chuckle to myself, it’s all good.

Full breaths of the briny fishy sea air I take in, my soul is grateful.
my low medidative instrumental shuffles on, no words yet the chords reach deep inside and curl themselves around my bones; they are soul food for a torn spirit; it gives me healing.

Help me to be a vessel of your peace Lord. Though my humanness gets in the way most times and makes me a poor example of your peace, those moments that I have inhaled and held your peace, I can’t even begin to explain the exquisite state that it leaves my senses – filled with the vibes that everything is going to be alright and yes, to the heart that believes, everything will be alright.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

When the Brain Cells are Fried…

Out and about

Out and about

At some point or the other, we all experience some fatigue from writing and we need those little breaks to reflect, rejuvenate and calibrate.

As a mother with school age kids and a full daily to-do list, some days can be more daunting than the others, but I have learnt over time, to fit in some little pick me ups which helps to maintain my sanity and refresh my writing juice.

Here are some of the things that I get up to:

Sleeping it off when the luxury to indulge in a power snooze presents itself. Those power snoozes does wonders for the thinking cells of a writing she or he.

Murk about in nature. A jaunt around the park, in a garden, by the sea side, in the wilds or any nature that can be found around. The nature is such a natural healer that you might even find yourself waxing poetic at the end of it all.

Picking the brains of the young ones. Sometimes, my children serve as a bouncing board for silly ideas. We could spend time reciting old rhymes and twisting it as we go along. The wonderful, fresh outlook through the eyes of a child can be refreshing to the jaded eyes of a writer.

Sweating it out: I could turbo charge with a quick round of lazy press-ups, jumping jacks, skipping or whatever gets the adrenaline pumping.

Dancing without inhibitions like a happy, roaming gypsy, or singing out loudly like a tipsy bard – in the bathroom preferably 😉

Curling up in bed or on a favorite couch with a new interest inside the reams of a book and a chamomile tea can help calm some tired nerves. Sometimes, lighting a nice, cheap and cheerful candle can even set the tone for good times 😉

Going to the cinema or going to people watch, works magic too! I find a vantage point in a busy place that teems with humans and people watch shamelessly. You will be surprised at the burst of ideas that can come through such exercise. I always attach an imaginary character to a passer-by, visualizing a lifestyle for them, based on their dressing or the little mannerisms that they express.

Running a hot tub with a dash of jasmine or eucalyptus oil. Hot water does its good work in loosening some kinks. Sit in the tub and let your mind roam free. There is no crime tag attached to just being and not doing.

When I can afford a little pampering, I go for spa treatment and just soak it all in. It does help to have a professional iron out the kinks. Otherwise, I settle for a cheap and cheerful tweaking home treatment from my children and they get to paint my toes.

Attending an open seminar/workshop and meeting new faces.

There’s an endless list of opportunities and new ventures to be explored.

So tell me, please, what works for you?

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In fulfillment of Writing 101