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Monday scenery: Great photos that make you want to wander and see things 🙂

Aerial antics: A hilarious recount on an aerial yoga attempt. I would like to give this a try, that’s if the hammock or string or whatever does not collapse under my hefty portion 😉

Small steps up mountains: All you need each day are baby steps and before you know it, you are going full throttle.

TMI: How much information is too much or too much opinion? Is the deluge of digital information robbing us of the good old habits of credible research work?

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Friday Fiction in Five Sentences · Short Stories

Blood work…Friday fiction in five sentences.

Blood, Vial, Analysis, Laboratory, Test, Medical

Felicia’s grip on the phone was so tight that anyone could see the outlined streak of the veins on her hand.

She stuttered in disbelief as she slowly sat down. Her legs had gone all weak at the knees.

Maybe you should come to the hospital Mrs. Vienna and talk to Dr. Patul. Would you like me to book a date?” The nurses droning voice continued at the other end.

Her mind whirred in tumult. How could the results come back negative? She felt so sure that Pete’s bloodwork was a mere formality. He would be a perfect match and donor for his twin brother Paul.

Now the result says the brothers are not twins, as a matter of fact, technically they are not brothers. What went wrong? She just couldn’t make sense of it all. This is all confusing…


P.S. You are invited to our monthly blog party this weekend. It’s fun and you get to meet fantastic folks:-)

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Out of the silent breath

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The answer to the party riddle…

Thank you

I would love to thank all of you who took out time from your hectic schedules to make my monthly blog party a wonderful get-together.

For those who would have loved to come but for a reason or the other, they couldn’t make it, I attach the party link here so that you can avail yourself the opportunity and meet all the lovely friends who left their footprints all over my blogging floor 😉

We had a riddle to attempt and here it is below with the answer.


Question: A farmer is trying to cross a river with a bag of corn, a hen, and a fox. The farmer’s boat is only big enough to take himself and one other item per trip. The hen cannot be left alone with the corn or she will eat it. Likewise, the fox cannot be left with the hen, or the hen will be eaten. How does the farmer get all three items across the river?

Answer: The farmer takes the hen across first, and leaves her on the other bank. Next, he comes back, loads the fox onto his boat, and takes him back across the river. He drops off the fox on the opposite bank, picks up the hen, and brings her back to the original bank. He swaps the hen for the corn and returns to the far bank with the corn – leaving it with the fox. Then, he returns once more to the original bank to get the hen. Once he brings her across, all four are happy to be on the other side!

The bear that reads provided the correct answer 🙂 and here’s her comment below:

I do believe you’ve started on the right foot, you take the hen first then you go back and get the fox. Once you’ve ferried the fox over you take the hen back to the first bank, swap the hen for the corn and ferry the corn over to the bank with the fox. Drop off the corn and head back to the first bank to grab that hen and ferry it across, and that’s the last trip all three have made it to the second bank.

We also had a story thread that reads:


He read the letter for the third time,  shook his head and slammed his palm on the wooden desk.

The poor old desk groaned under the force of his strength.

Someone has a question to answer,” Hunter growled.  a cooking pot and twisted tales

Hunter, holding the letter in his other hand, waved it vehemently in the air. “How did this get here tell me that! Who wrote it? It’s FULL of lies!! Innuendos! Rubbish is what it is!”

He turned his one good eye on each person in turn seated at the bar. Without exception, they all shrugged and turned their backs on him.

That aggravated him even more than the letter. Soul Gifts 

“What kind of question?” Hunters wife Maggie asked. She saw the angry scowl on her husband’s face and knew something was wrong before even muttered his thoughts aloud.

“It’s that damn neighbour again. He complained to the city.”

“Why would he do that?” Maggie asked.

“Because I can’t cut the grass. He’s upset says it brings down the value of everyone else’s property.” Hunter said sighing. Maggie put her hand on Hunter’s arm.

“It was Jerry, right? I’ll go talk to him. That stupid man doesn’t understand how hard it is to mow grass when you’ve had your legs blown off in war.” Hunter looked at Maggie gratefully. Mandibelle

The End

Do try and join in for the next one at the end of the month. It’s usually a lot of fun 🙂

Thank you, my good people. Blessed be.

Below is my first Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

Out of the silent breath

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha’s poems portray images that stare us right in the face. Images of love, joy, death, pain, challenges, violation, and freedom. She writes in a language that’s rich in imagery, earthy, honest, vulnerable, yet full of the promise of hope, of loving and of Grace. A collection of light and dark soulful prose.