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Learning is Ad Infinitum…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”


I fretted to get good grades, but that was when I was very young.

Now I fret to do my best because that is what pleases me to do.

However I am not going to fret myself to death;

For those things that I want to learn but haven’t gotten round to doing them for various reasons that are unavoidable,

Learning process is ad infinitum. We learn till the day we die.

I have a long list of things that I would like to learn, because it pleases me to know them.

What I do each day, is to learn something new, no matter how minutiae,

God willing even in my dotage, I shall trudge on to those martial arts classes,

I shall probably learn a bit of Japanese along the way;

Basket weaving for the fun of it,

Taking better pictures through practicing;

It’s a long list of things to learn…..

It just never ends..


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I testify…Beautiful People, Better World.

Sometimes in our consistent flow through life, we meet people who for a brief moment in time leave positive indelible marks on our hearts, minds and in our life and though that moment was not long enough to savor a deeper union, they forever occupy a special place of treasure.

Such people make you feel warm in their presence because of the warmth they radiate themselves.

I met such women.

I met the Texas Multicultural Women.

These are Ordinary people aiming for Extraordinary results.

They are Agents and Catalysts of positive change.

These group of dynamic, professional women, from all walks of life and different nationalities give freely of their time; they lend their ears and give their wisdom; they give freely from their pockets, helping to lift others along the way.

They are embodiments of beautiful minds and souls.

Are you in Houston, Texas or will you be sojourning in these neck of the woods in the near future?

For some of us who have experienced relocating from one city to the other without having it all figured out, it is always a welcome relief to  meet helping hands and smiling faces.

They are your reliable go-to group over here from challenges associated with relocation such as real estate, medical, insurance, scholarship, volunteering, life coaching, PR and so much more.

To Texas Multicultural Women, as I take a brief hiatus away from this axis, I pray that the coast of this group will be expanded beyond foreseeable horizons. Once a Texas Multicultural Woman, always a Texas multicultural woman.

Let us reach out and touch, and make this World a better place one person at a time.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

You can check them out on Facebook: Texas Multicultural Women, email:,

P.S. Just click on one picture and it will take you through the gallery.

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Don’t steal the shine….

frog relaxing

Do not bother stealing my shine or anyone’s own, ‘cos it most definitely won’t fit you.

Begin to think more about your possibilities and dwell less on the impossibilities.

Surround yourself with positive minds and props that bolster your efforts.

Let go of all negative energy that drains your radiance.

Learn to dream, because those who don’t dream,

aspire for nothing.

Keep your eyes on your bigger picture,

and as you create the lines and curves,

even though it might seem to be in bits and pieces,

soon enough, your picture will emerge and,

your lines will fall in the right places.


Your success should never be measured with a scale that belongs to another,

Because their scale just might be broken.

Besides, we are all running different and individual races.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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