Echos Of My Neighbourhood

Hello There… Echoes of my neighbourhood

It feels so strange to get back to my blog after four days of been away from it. The longest ever that I’ve been missing in action.

I’ve been on the move around the Middle East, Bahrain-Qatar, and connecting was giving me so much stress that I decided to chill and let it be. I’ve missed the banter and you guys, that it felt like aeons to me.

I love this community of friends and as I catch my connecting flight back to DXB, I will quickly add some snips and snaps of my walkabout.

Stay blessed and talk to you tomorrow.



31 thoughts on “Hello There… Echoes of my neighbourhood

  1. Admiring a passenger’s feet? What’s going on in that devious mindπŸ˜ƒ
    Happy Thanksgiving and welcome back.
    Tonight will be enjoying the sight of a turkey’s feet from a distance. Will leave eating to others.

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