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Foggy Mind’s Eye…

road, fog, mist, tomorrow, future, going forward


when I stretch my mind’s eye

to see my future

it looks foggy and far-fetched

into tomorrow,

but I hold on to the compass

of my dreams.



I wrote this poem for my work-in-progress third poetry book, then I saw the Daily post prompt ‘foggy’ and I couldn’t resist pulling it out and sharing it here.


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Looking Beyond the Last Dance….

At some point, especially when our dancing swag steps are beginning to sway and jive with the beats of the music; especially when our shoes feel more comfortable that we are ready to start kicking and bumping like Soul Train dancers, dawn filters through and the DJ tells you that the party is over; you wonder how time flew so fast and how much fun you had whilst the beat was going on.

At some point, the party does come to a close even if you don’t feel like leaving the club 😉
This is how Writing 101 makes me feel. Like hanging back in the warmth of these lovely beats. I am glad that I took the class!

If you are still considering whether you should participate in any forthcoming class, cease the overthinking and dawdling.

Put on your dancing shoes and just hop into the fray. I tell you, it’s one experience that you won’t regret. Soul train dancers

Writing 101 drew me out! It drew out thoughts that were under boulders begging to be let out. It set my heart free in so many ways.

I have written far more on this blog in the past few weeks than when I started in May. This is a good thing!

I met so many wonderful people/bloggers that made me happy, thoughtful, inspired, motivated and impressed.

I read posts that made me howl in laughter (and I had to share with my hubby so that he doesn’t feel left out of my merriment), posts that made my eyes well up in tears, posts that made me hunger for certain experiences….so many posts that left something behind.

I connected with so many of you and if the truth be told, the list would get too long if I should commence enlisting all the bloggers that made Writing 101 worth my while.

You all brought something to the table and my sincere thanks to every single one of you.

You are definitely Marvelous!

Please, let us stay connected beyond this class. We have a lot to learn from each other.

Wading forward:

  1. I shall spend the next few days catching up with my mails and clicking furiously in The Commons on blogs that might have escaped my views before the DJ shuts the door in my face.
  2. There are several awards to catch up with and I do appreciate them. They decorate my blogging house 🙂
  3. A bit of tweaking with some little widgets are long overdue.
  4. Within the month, I want to inculcate a project ”POsitive TRain CHallenge” which would be thrown open for all who choose to get on board. A post with regards to this will follow suit in due course and I will definitely crave your indulgence.
  5. Even though, I know that I am young at these blogging things and may not know so much about what it takes to be a successful blogger, I would like to throw my blogging doors open as a Hostess for a monthly blog hopping experience. Remember that ”we only get better from doing.”
  6. A new feature for Short Stories Series (SSS) will be inculcated on my blog by next week as well.
  7. I will be dabbling into the poetry class from next week to see what poetic lyrics I can wax – sometimes I wonder why I get myself into these things 😉
  8. Nanowrimo is also on my radar to give my novel writing a nudge. I will give it more thought.

On a Personal Note:

  1. I plan to laugh and laugh some more!
  2. To devise more ways of spending quality time with my family.
  3. To continue on my quest to loose some useless pounds that don’t aid my body in any way.
  4. A deep contemplation of going back again through the doors of a college/university is in the offing. I am considering a Youth Leadership program or Communication Arts. I honestly don’t have it all worked it in my head, but we will see how it goes.

That’s it my good folks! Thank you for staying with me and I shall leave you with these last words:

As we journey through diversity and different plains, may our ink-pots never run dry – Keep writing..Your story

Over and OUt..Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha ……Till next time 🙂

In fulfillment of Writing 101 – Day 20 Assignment: The Future