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Adrenaline Rush…

As an adrenaline junkie, Ash was always in search of the next rush. He lived for daring feats and had literally done all sorts of daring stuff to the constant chagrin of his mother.

Diving off building tops was tame considering other adventures he had embarked on, but today was different. In response to the challenge of his long-standing competition Todd Kemp, it was a record-setting moment for his fastest free fall so far.

With safety harness all set up and onlookers gathered to cheer, he was about to step off the ledge, when the flash of his mothers repeated pleas echoed in his head.

She had warned him over the past several days not to engage in any dangerous attempts based on a recurring nightmare that she had, but he waved it off as one of her usual entreaties.

Shaking off the fleeting cold feet from hearing his mother’s voice in his head, he stepped off and tumbled down into a blackout. The last thing Ash remembered was the cacophony of voices and an insistent voice urgently cajoling him not to let go.

© Jacqueline

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Walk on the wild side…Flash Fiction

‘Don’t move!’ Ted ordered in a low tone, but Rita couldn’t help the terrified squeak that escaped her mouth when she followed his pointed gaze and saw the mean looking snake flicking its forked tongue repeatedly, poised to attack at the slightest provocation.

Rita despised creepy crawlies with a passion and snakes topped her chart.

Kaboom! Ted’s aim blew the snakes head off and as its writhing body fell to the ground Rita threw up violently.

She knew that not only would she have creepy nightmares for weeks to come, but she will not be going on a hike in the wild anytime soon.

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Love Fraud – Friday Fiction in Five Sentences

She was excited to see dawn break.

Sweet anticipation at finally getting to meet him in person had kept her sleepless for several nights.

They had skyped often over the months but nothing beats real face time.

In no time she was at the airport to pick him up but several hours later, he was a no-show.

Sandra dreaded the thought, but somehow, she knew that she’s just become a victim of online love fraud.

© Jacqueline

Hurting – Fiction in Five Sentences

Image result for images of a sad child and a dog

Tears ran down the bridge of Jane’s little nose and fell on Captain.

Huddled near her best friend she tried to drown out their screaming voices.

She never liked it when they fought and they seemed to do it more and more.

Dad would storm out and disappear for days and mum would go round the bend all teary and mad.

She wished she was back at her gran’s house.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


She hissed in annoyance and sighed in resignation. Not knowing if her irritation was due to her changed plans, the unpredictable weather, the weather channel or the summation of all three.

They just never seemed to get it right these days. Especially the new weather girl with the dry sense of humour, pout and too much makeup. She had said they would have a fair Spring day, yet here came sleet with ice nestling on the leaves.

With another sigh at her changed plans, Geeta put the kettle on for a spot of tea. She should have listened to her bones. Her tired bones could tell the neurotic weather better than all those fancy TV personalities, except maybe Harrison’s creaky bones.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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A Stolen Kiss…

Watching the parade of bikers from the window, the vibrating, heavy drone of the machines gave Maggie a thrill.

Though her dad warned her severally to keep away from the loud bunch, there was something about them that excited her and she simply couldn’t resist wanting to be around them, especially that handsome rascal Rafael.

His rich laugh, long locks, and twinkling eyes warmed her insides every time he came to their pub and spared her a glance with that steady look in his eyes’.

Tonight was special, she just knew it. She had sprayed her vanilla mist perfume liberally, let her lustrous hair down and wore her pretty dress that gave her cleavage some boost.

The city’s festival lights have been lit, the mistletoes’ hung, soon the boy’s will troop into the pub for their round of drinks. Rafael is in for a surprise.

© Jacqueline

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Old Habits – Friday Fiction in Five Sentences.

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Passing the flower shop, he bought the usual – a beautiful bouquet of red carnations, she loves carnations on Saturdays.

Whistling, he walked slowly to the boulangerie and ordered his basket of the usual, grabbed a free newspaper and waited – he is a man of habits, formed over three scores of existence.

The tram pulled up, boarding along with other passengers, the next thirty-five minutes trundling ride was spent in a light conversation with the gentleman who sat beside him; they talked of little things and their rheumatism – he made a mental note to tell her about the interesting fellow who still wore his old tweed jacket and a dated fedora cap.

‘How is she today?’ He perfunctorily asked the stoic-faced nursing assistant and walked down the familiar corridor, passing room numbers 28, 29, 30 and then opened the door to her room, number 31; everything was as it should be.

Bert took off his coat, planted a cool kiss on Ida’s pale shrunken cheeks, patted her hand in a familiar dismissive mode and sat down to eat whilst he regaled her with little anecdotes of the past week; she stared at him with vacuous eyes, lost in a caged world of her own which he preferred, the staged accident was quite effective, he had grown tired of her nagging.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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