Micro Fiction…The Wicked Heart

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I am innocent of May’s death. Yet, I am as guilty as ever.
I may not have killed her physically but, I had conspired her death many times over in my heart.




4 thoughts on “Micro Fiction…The Wicked Heart

  1. Hard hitting and powerful. A person can be killed emotionally and mentally before they die physically. I believe the Bible says that Life and death are in the power of the tongue over ourselves, our children and other people in our lives. If you tell a person long enough that they are a failure, a loser, stupid, they have nothing to offer etc… eventually they will begin to believe it about themselves.

    This is why I always tell my brother Stephen that I Love him, he is wonderful and that he is talented and gifted. People with developmental disabilities need to be built up and encouraged plus given the opportunity to excel in music, dance, singing and as artists.

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