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Posts That Caught My Interest #3

Now and again, I stumble on posts that resonate with me. I find myself nodding along in agreement as I read them and wish to share with others.Image result for images of sharing

This episode of posts that caught my interest, I am offering these few. I found sense, laughter, reflection, inspiration, admiration, and love. Do take a peek.

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To have and to hold If I had my way, I would recommend this article for every couple to read.

Sweet, sweet handsome Harlem man Gave me the sniffles and made me think of my dad.

Road Rage Cure The amount of senseless driving; tailgating, road rage, and excessive speed that people express daily leaves one wondering if licensing rules shouldn’t be stricter?

A Mothers’ love and personal initiative Upbringing certainly matters and accounts 99.5% on how an individual turns out. When one has been raised right they acquire the personal initiative, the ability to act and to overcome difficulties.

7 Excellent ways to hack through life – lessons from Hacksaw Ridge – concise and relevant.

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With These Fingers…Streams of consciousness Saturday.

It’s quite interesting that Linda’s prompt for SOCS which I just saw is ‘fingers.

Why I find it interesting is that I woke up this morning and as I was going through my Bible, for some reason my eyes fell on my hennaed hands and my first thought was how my hands and fingers resembled my dads own and for the fun of it, I took a picture.

I remember that as a child, I wanted my fingers to look like my mom’s own. Her fingers were dainty and nicely shaped, while mine took after my fathers own.

As the years went by, I grew to love mine as much as I love the man who passed on the genes.

His hands were hardworking and I believe that I inherited this trait. His hands were upright and as honest as could be and he had green fingers. Living things thrived in his care and plants bloomed generously in our garden.

I still remember, maybe I was four or less, his hands holding mine and guiding my fingers to scribble on my blackboard.

I remember vividly like yesterday as he walked me down the aisle and he took my hand with my beautifully painted fingers and placed them in my husband’s hands and in a gruff voice, he instructed my dear Himself to make sure that he looked after me.

Who knows, maybe I might equally have green fingers. I have moved around so much from one country to the other, that the last time I grew anything was several years back in my house in Nigeria. I look forward to the coming years to discover my green fingers.

Hold my hands in faith

And clutch my fingers tight

I will walk you through this journey

For you are not alone.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha