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Midnight Motivations and Musings # 82


How do you feel when you stay on course with those thing’s that you set out to do?

Naturally we feel a wholesome satisfaction, elation and motivated.

Good results inspire us to keep striving for repeats while negative results drag us down.

We are imperfect and sometimes we fall short in focusing on those things that are best for us, but the important thing is not to let our focus deplete to such an extent that we have to start anew each time.

Discipline builds and becomes part of one’s character.

©Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Out of the silent breath

Never leave me lonely on these shores

Where no one knows me

Where I stare at strange forms

Trying to find you somewhere there in their midst.

It was impossible to please mother…Personal recount from Linda of Nutsrok.

This is a post swap between Linda and I. Be sure to visit her end and read my own little naughty side 😉

We get to share a short story of each others childhood escapades.

Now, this is called collaboration and we should do more of such things in this space.

Linda’s one of my favourite bloggers in this space and if you haven’t been to Nutsrok, then you, my friend are so seriously missing out on very good chuckles and charming company.

She always has me in stitches and appreciative of life. Her real-life recounts on her growing up years is worth a movie and I don’t exaggerate.


Linda first grade

Linda first grade

It was impossible to tell what would land me in trouble when I was a little kid. Mother was impossible to please.

We had a new kitten. I found a kitty surprise in the baby bed and knew for a fact Mother wouldn’t be happy, so I went into the kitchen and got Mother’s salad tongs.

She didn’t use them a lot. I picked up the kitty surprise with the tongs and flushed it down the toilet.

The cat poop had been nice and dry and didn’t leave a mark on the clean sheet. Pleased with myself for being helpful, I tossed the salad tongs in the sink and went on my self-satisfied way, without even bragging on myself.

In a few minutes, Mother called me. I found her examining the tongs, critically, looking and sniffing. “Did you use these tongs?”

Proudly, I answered, “Yes, Ma’am. The cat gee-geed in the baby bed and I cleaned it up for you!” I waited humbly for her praise.

You’d have thought I broke a what-not like I had a few times!

“You cleaned up a cat mess with my kitchen tongs and put them back in the sink. Look at the mess left on here! Do you want that on your food? That’s filthy. I’m going to wear you out!”

She got the fly swat and flapped my bottom three times. I hardly felt it, but I was deeply offended at her ingratitude.

She never caught me cleaning up cat gee-gee again with kitchen tongs or anything else.


Where is Your Corn Roasting?…

A friend and sister blogger invited me for the three quote challenge and I would like to share some African proverbs with you. Thank you OBA for this auspicious opportunity. I like it. African proverb 2

Back then in my place, our grandparents and parents told us tales or rebuked us with words laced with lots of proverbs, adages and idioms that we had no idea what they meant.

Sometimes, they will ask you to go and figure out a sensible answer for a proverb as part of your punishment, then you would perambulate from one adult to another trying to repeat the proverb and get its meaning.

These adults had a way of knowing that you had misbehaved so your journey got a little trickier and arduous but it was a lesson well taught in a lot of instances.

So I leave you with today’s proverb:

”A man doesn’t go far from where his corn is roasting.”

Now picture me going up and down asking another adult to tell me where the corn is roasting 🙂

I would like to invite 3 gentlemen bloggers in the house to give us their quotes.

Patrick Hawthorne

Thomas M Watt

Barclay Dave

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha