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The String…

The tune of the music spoke to her soul.

a sojourner…

a wayfarer…

a traveller…

Following the rolls, cadence and sway of the beat…

searching through the fog in her mind…

ruminating for hope, for joy, for comfort, for deliverance…

The music conjured up emotions lost, but never forgotten…

a balm…

a yearning…

a homecoming…

The chords emitted from the strings of the violin,

its melody soothingly tender yet desperate…

dragging over the strings of her battered and bruised soul

making notes that holds in its promise,

a fulfillment…

a redemption…


Have you ever felt such attachment to any music that it draws out emotions that finds you struggling for the right words to describe how exactly it makes you feel? I know that sometimes such emotions are raw that we feel as if sharing them with someone else exposes our nakedness, vulnerability and inner privacy.

I grew up in a home with a dad who woke us up most mornings with the melodious flow of sounds of music from the Grundig turntable that had its pride of place in our living room and I grew up learning to appreciate all forms of musical sounds. Many a times, especially nowadays, a track transports me decades back to specific moments in time and I allow the memories trapped in my minds’ eye to dance to the tune.

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Today’s featured blogs are:

Over the hill on the yellow brick road

Cathi’s blog posts are simply unique, engaging, humour-filled, with doses of wisdom tucked in between. I doubt I will ever look at peas in a pod or Swiss cheese, old shoes and everything in-between the same way again. She has excellent conversations with the most mundane things in life. Take a peek.

Compassion, Grace, and Mercy

This simple post is such an outpouring of love and goodness. I love it. Are you the beloved? Why not find out.

Family parenting and beyond

Check out Joan’s blog. You will find a plethora of enriching posts. Joan is a wise old woman in a young woman’s body 😉

Thought Torrent

Thought torrent is a newbie in our midst. Go over and say hello – don’t forget to take a little basket of something nice.

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To My Visitors and Followers

Susan’s Thoughts…On Change

A change that will affect all who are visitors, followers, and subscribers to this Blog. This will also impact my life as this transition happens. I decided to close my .COM blog and begin blogging on Facebook and LinkedIn. The content will be my thoughts in Journal format and will include

The content will be my thoughts in Journal format and will include short writing of fiction, nonfiction stories, and poetry that I have written. Right now, I am using my Page, Susan’s Thoughts and Musings, as my Facebook page. This page will be changing its name to Susan’s Soul… If you don’t belong to Facebook, you will not be able to see my postings, but who doesn’t belong to FB?

The reason for the change is threefold:

First, I need more time to devote to my writing and my memoir with less time spent managing and marketing my blog. With only 24 hours in each day, I have spent 12-18 hours setting up posts or guests to post, marketing to all of the social media sites, etc. but I have no income despite trying affiliate links.

This brings us to the second reason for my decision. I need more income and more time to spend writing my memoir, freelancing. and a new business venture that you may hear more about in September or October.

The last reason is very personal, but I need to work on some of the things I have blogged about. I need to take care of myself with love and caring by giving myself permission to do other enjoyable things in my life, including personal socialization, time with God, and time for rest.

In closing, I will see you visiting my Facebook page, Susan’s Soul… if you choose to follow me. If you choose not, I will miss you and pray only good things for you in your life.

God Bless You,
Susan’s Thoughts and Musings

A Click A Day

I Saw ‘Big Red’ Raili

You need to see how my face widened in a smile when ‘Big Red’ pulled up beside my ‘Yellow Ride.’

My thoughts automatically went to Raili of Soul Gifts.


I find it amazing that I’ve made some friends across oceans and continents through blogging and have come to know bits and pieces of their lives enough to think of them in relation to mundane things that I would normally have overlooked.

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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Stock Photo: I can’t count how many times I’ve had this tussle in my mind, most especially when those cows look at me with such pitiful eye’s and sometimes I spy disdain in their looks 😉

You composed me: there are articles you read and you are simply left feeling satisfied.

The post office box: this short, flash fiction is so tightly woven. The spare words say so much and leave me hungry to know more.

Times change. A little post to make you smile.

In need of a friend: what a heartwarming testimony and tribute. Sometimes, when we least expect it and even when we resist it, love creeps up on us and clings with all it has to give. I enjoyed reading this 🙂

Disue: Step in and say hello. A new blogger friend of mine with lots of interesting posts to enjoy.

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out-of-the-silent-breath 2

I hear the reverberations of the magic that’s hidden within.

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Guest Posts

Meet the inspiring, intriguing and warm Lady Alexis Rose.

One of my objectives as a blogger is not just to write for others to read, but to equally get to connect and know who my friends in this space are. I’ve been following Alexis Rose for quite a while now and have not only enjoyed our interactions but she amazes and inspires me with her confidence, resilience, and candour.

Dear Alexis, thank you for taking the time to indulge my inquisition. My kind regards and I look forward to seeing your continued bloom and success.Thank you

1. Introduce yourself, your background, your likes, dislikes and general outlook towards life.

Thank you, Jackie, for this wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for your blog. I have followed you since I began blogging and so impressed by the myriad of topics you cover. I have enormous respect for the ways you build community in the blogging world.

My name is Alexis Rose and I’m from Minnesota, which is in the Midwest of America. My state is called the land of 10,000 lakes and it’s beautiful. Freezing in the winter, hot and humid in the summer. I moved here when I was in my late teens and set down deep roots. I have two wonderful children, and we’re excited to see our son get married in just 5 short months. I thought I would have a difficult time being an empty-nester, but we see our kids often and have a close relationship with both of them and their significant others. Alexis Rose 1

Up until 2009 I had a good career in the field of staff recruitment and marketing. I loved my job and was getting to a point in my career where I felt as if I could exhale a bit when it came to financial security. In October of 2009 sparked by a family tragedy, I began having flashbacks, although, I didn’t know they were flashbacks at the time. I had purposely repressed my past, but when my snow-globe world was shattered, I began to piece together, for the first time, a personal history of abuse and trauma.

While learning to live with the effects of my trauma, and working with the deficits arising from the post-traumatic stress disorder, I have co-authored three inspirational books and published my memoir one year ago.

Alexis Rose 2My outlook towards life in one of hope. I am passionate about living life, not just going through the motions, however, that looks for a person. For me, it means living with my eyes wide open. I absolutely love people and human nature, I love all critters (we live with a dog and two cats) and feel best when I’m outside in any kind of nature. I think I was meant to live in the tropics because I thrive when it’s hot and humid.

2. Tell us about your blog and your purpose for starting it. Did you have any set goals in mind when you were setting up your blog? What do you think about the blogging phenomenon itself?

What has your blogging experience being? Here, you can share some links of your top posts or blog posts that you particularly like with us.

My blog is named Untangled,

I’m an active blogger who writes about PTSD, Mental Health, Trauma, with some inspirational poetry sprinkled in along the way. I started my blog after publishing my memoir. I was told that I had to have a blog to market my book. I had absolutely no idea what a blog was, except a way to communicate with family when someone was on a trip. I had never clicked on a blog, and had never heard of WordPress, had no idea what a tag was, or how to follow someone. Last October, was the first time I wrote a post. After writing my first post, and having someone “like, and follow my blog” I began to research how to tag, find other blogs to read, and engage in the blogging world.

Now, as I reflect on the last eight months of blogging, I’m grateful for the connections I’ve made. I love to follow blogs in all genres. Although my intention with my blog is to start and keep the conversation going about PTSD, or any other chronic illness, as well as share my poetry, I’m open and excited to be followed and follow blogs that write about every subject. I love to read about other people’s interests and viewpoints. I love to see the photos, read the poems, recipes, opinions and editorials. I absolutely love the connections that blogging provides.

I am thrilled to read and write on someone’s blog or have them write on mine from all the world. It makes the world a bit smaller as we are able to connect with each other. The reality of knowing that I am responding to someone who is already a day ahead of me, by virtue of time zones is amazing to me. I am part of their past, they are part of my future and yet we are talking to each other in real time. I LOVE that!!

As you can tell, my blogging experience has been amazing. Here are a few posts to click on to get a flavor of what I post:

3.Take us with you on a typical day spent with you. Show us a bit of your World and yes we love photos of your pets if you’ve got any.

Most days start with working out, yoga, or meditating. I do marketing for two different businesses’ part-time, as well as try to market my book, and I’m only cleared to work two hours a day (part of the living with the effects of PTSD) so I divide my mornings into working. Then I take my dog, Leilani for a walk. She is my unofficial/official therapy dog and I don’t know what I would do without her. She keeps me grounded, knows what to do if I begin to have a flashback and is always by my side. I’m including a picture of Leilani and our cat, Brad.Alexis Rose 3

During the summer, autumn and spring, I try to spend as much time as possible outside, so I typically take a break during the day and spend time on our deck with the critters. Depending on the time of year, my symptoms can be a lot more prevalent, so I need to pace myself, and stay grounded. I make sure I see friends throughout the weekdays too. I have a wonderful support system of people who check on me, make sure I get out of the house for hikes, walks, lunches dates, etc.

I try every day to make time to read other people’s blogs. I believe that blogging is a two-way commitment. If I’m following someone I read what they write. It’s why we blog, so other’s will read our words. I try to engage as much as I can with comments, but I will typically always “like” someone’s post. I want them to know I am reading their words and they are being heard.

4. What’s the next pit-stop for your blog’s outreach and publishing? Any plans in the offing? You can also share some of your published works here.

I love the blogging world, and I get tremendous fulfillment from writing and sharing my posts. I still have a twinge, of fear each time I hit the publish button. Will my writing be interesting to others, will my poetry and/or writing resonate with others? I’m still not quite as confident I would like to be. I write from a vulnerable and honest place, so sharing that with the world and opening myself up is really difficult, but I’m determined to keep a conversation going about living with PTSD, and I’m passionate about dispelling some stigma behind the mental and chronic illness.

I will also continue to market Untangled on my blog. I love that my book has been read not just by the mental health community but cut across all genres of readers and I believe that is because of my blog.

I’m going to begin writing another book in September. I can feel another book bubbling out of me, and I’m compelled to honor that feeling. Besides Untangled, I have collaborated on three other inspirational/spiritual books, but they are currently unavailable on Amazon. I love all my books, but Untangled is my heart. It’s my memoir, and that book has given me gifts of healing, connection, and hope beyond my wildest dreams. Here is a link to Untangled.

I appreciate it when someone purchases my book, reads it, gives me feedback, and writes reviews on Amazon. I wish I could thank each person when they buy my book. Although, because of the wonderful world of blogging I’m able to thank many people when they reach out to me after reading it.

Online Blog Party

It’s Party Time. Come Right In 💃💕🎶🌭🍹🍻🍝🍰🍦🍿📻

It’s almost unbelievable how fast time seems to fly by these days. Is it just me? Another month end blog party already.

I would like to thank my new blog friends and welcome them to our warm gathering.

You are most welcome do make yourself comfortable and other up something tall and cool to drink 🙂

Refreshments and favours are nicely arranged down the page. Feel free to indulge, these are zero calories 😉

Just some little party rules:

  1. You must mix and mingle with others. Don’t be a wallflower. Go say hello to someone and you can participate in the Tag a poem, a thought or quote below.
  2. Let us know where you are blogging from.
  3.  Please leave your blog link or post link in the comment box below along with introductions.
  4. It’s one link per comment, but come back as often as you’d like, that way it’s easier to focus on a link at a time for others.
  5. Please reblog, spread the word of the party like butter, or like, share on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, etc. Tell your family, friends,  blogging neighbours, even your blogging pets.
  6. Have fun, it’s a great way to find bloggers and have them find you.
  7. Please show some love. Reblog this post. It helps all of us! The more people that see and participate in it, the more potential new follows! So, share and share voraciously!

There we have it. Since all the rules have been clearly explained, have fun and make the most of it :-)

Thank you for coming to my party and supporting my blog. You rock.

We are Creating a Peace and Love Chain, so please add your little piece. Thank you.

I blog from Dubai and to the love and peace chain, I start with:

To Love is to be at Peace.

For tranquility, harmony, goodwill

understanding, and union

are benefits borne

from the active emotions of love.

***You can continue…

Crack These Simple Riddles Below 😉

  1. A horse is tied to a rope that’s five meters long. There’s a barn filled with hay 6 meters away, yet the horse can get up and eat the hay whenever he wants. How’s that possible?
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one, Michael j fox has a small one, Madonna doesn’t have one, The Pope has one but he never uses it, Bill Clinton Has one and he uses it all the time!
    What is it?…


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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

The Frog Principle: a very enlightening excerpt and worthy advice extracted from Andrew Matthews book, Follow Your Heart.’ You might learn something new today.

Don’t ever step in the Never-land: this gave me a certain curious thrill and goosebumps. A sneak peek below:

But little does she knows,

In Never land, there is no sunrise!

Nor does it sets, giving way to the night

Here, it’s always the eerie twilight

All about me:  Mo of Mugglestones and Mayhem let’s us into her World by sharing parts of her personal life with us. I always find it refreshing to get to know those I interact with a bit better and today not only did she share some aspect about her but a little knowledge of Mugglestones, which is quite enlightening to know. From her information, Mugglestones  are a combination of Golden Brown Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Red Jasper, exhibits the metaphysical properties of its components, as well as its own.

Mugglestones helps you to regroup and calm scattered energies especially after conflicts with other people, as in groups.

You can learn more from peeking in and saying hello.

Finally clean: a beautiful, uplifting poem from Jamila. A little snippet below:

My life was stumbling,
But then rain came pouring down,

And I never felt more alive,
I could finally breathe,
And felt like the weight from my shoulders,
shook and fall from me.

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‘We create a cohesive community when we come together.’

Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.


Wonderful, evocative poetry by a talented writer. Left me hungry for more. Jacqueline can write! Linda Bethea

Out of the silent breath

If you enjoy my works and would like to do so, you can fuel my creativity with a slice of cake or coffee😉

Guest Posts

Meet my dear friend, a gorgeous lady who lunches with style. The one and only Diane Duke.

There are some people you meet on your passage through life and even though you’ve never seen them in the flesh, they still carry enough presence to make you feel warm.

Diane is one of such people that I’ve been comfortable to connect with all these months. She’s smart, fun, wise, friendly and has a great sense of humour. I know that one day, I’ll be lunching with Diane and a host of other lovely people whom I’ve met in this space.

Please read and enjoy getting to know Diane a bit more.

Thank you, my lady, for taking the time to have a chat and all the best with the novella 🙂

I’ve lived in one suburb of Chicago or another my whole life. I’ve been married for quite awhile now and have a big blended family of two children, three stepchildren, a grandchild, six step grandchildren and even a step great grandson!


I don’t usually break things down quite like that, they’re just my kids and grandkids. But I daresay if you saw us all in one room, you’d be hard pressed to know who belongs to whom. There’s kind of a lot of variety in ages!

Hubby and I also have two aging fur babies, Chief and Inga. Chief is a Chow/ terrier mix and Inga is a Norwegian Elkhound. Needless to say, there are lots and lots of fur and shedding and summertime is not their favorite time of the year!


I have a B.S. in Journalism and it was so long ago that they call it Communications nowadays! I worked at a non-profit agency in Chicago in public relations and wrote press releases and coordinated fundraisers before leaving my job to get married and raise my family.

Eventually, I went back to work, at first, it was part time jobs, then full time at a law firm back in the city. My second son was born with lots of health problems so I had to leave that job and concentrate on his medical issues, including several surgeries and therapies over the years.

By the time he was three, I started working at home as a court reporting transcriptionist for a Washington, D.C. based firm. Certain federal courts allowed audio recordings, so we would get audio tapes and transcribe them on a deadline and at first mail them back, then later used email.

When I was transcribing, I could type 120 words a minute. I did this for a number of years until I was able to quit working completely and become a Lady Who Lunches! Yes, I’m spoiled and blessed to be able to hang out with my friends and shop and vacation…

I started my blog because I really missed writing – the only writing I was doing was our Christmas newsletter. I actually started getting requests for it from family and friends. So I plunged in and started a blog. This is how I thought blogging would go: I would read books I wanted (romance and light mysteries), write a review, post it on my blog and people would follow me. I found out quickly that if I did that I’d be writing for no one but myself!

So I signed up for WP’s Blogging 101 and made a lot of blogging friends and learned a lot! Since my blog was up and running, I was lucky I had some reviews from Goodreads to repost and keep things going for awhile.

Eventually, I started to write some fiction and some articles about things going on in my life, like physical therapy, personal training, babysitting my grandson, etc. I started exploring other blogs and found how much I loved meeting other people and talking with them.

It still amazes me that I’ve made blogging friends all over the world! I’ve found blogging challenges to be wonderful fun and a great way to meet other bloggers. I’ve done the A to Z Challenge in April and the ongoing Limerick Challenge at Mind and Life Matters and am in the midst of a Kindness Challenge.

Now I spend almost as much time reading and commenting on other people’s blogs as I do writing my own!

I never seriously intended to write a book, but I think I may have been bitten by the writing bug and may start tying together some of my shorter pieces into short stories or a possible novella. We shall see what happens down the road!

My typical days are spent fixing meals when forced, cleaning the house when I have to and going to the gym to work out a couple times a week. Youngest son still lives at home, so he’s going to work out at the gym now, too.

I go to lunch with my friends and I am on a weekly ladies bowling league in the fall and winter. I don’t really like shopping, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like buying! I’m just not much on spending the whole day at the mall. I mow the lawn and garden a little, pick up dog poop in our backyard and shovel snow when needed. Pretty mundane. Oh, and Tuesdays and Thursdays I babysit my three and a half-year-old grandson.

My only published pieces were back when I was in college and in local publications. Well, I guess I had news releases published when I worked for the United Way, but I don’t have any links to those either. The pictures I hopefully attached are Chief (tan dog), Inga (gray dog) and me and Inga having some girl time!


Thanks, Jackie, for the lovely opportunity. I appreciate your friendship so much!