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DeTerMinAtioN is our Motto….let us sing!

singing in school

As school kids, we matched in tandem to our classes from assembly singing or should I say yelling a song:

Determination is our motto, Determination, Determination!

Repetitively and in staccato voices too!

No doubt we had no idea what exactly we were singing about. We just SANG happily 🙂

Now as I sit here, in an attempt to drum reluctant and difficult words into a story that does not want to be told, the word Determination echoes in my mind and then…it becomes crystal clear beyond literal levels that:

Someone’s Determination

Is that mental animation

that pushes their bands of resistance

From mundane levels of coexistence

With consistent persistence

To livelier edges of existence

And better culmination

Of one’s life’s narration

There you have it. My very own new definition of determination.Determination

Let me now sing in a hush tone: determination, is my motto, determination, determination 😉

Have a blessed day. 

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha