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I Am Not Fine! Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Fine. What does it really mean to be fine? Can I truly from the depth of my spirit say that I’m fine? Or is it just a superficial response to ‘how are you,’ so that I don’t make anyone feel discomfited by my true response which I suppose would be ‘heck no, I feel all raggedy and angry a lot lately.’

I wouldn’t even know where to start with my venting but here goes ‘ I’m not fine with the fact that my body does not want to age like fine wine.’ I have deep aches and pains from Fibromyalgia that not only causes discomfort but makes me grumpy a lot of times when the pain flares up.

I’m not fine with the fact that at this juncture in life I’m still struggling hard to get my dream of being an accomplished writer and blogger kick-started.

I’m not fine that the basic needs of life are still a huge hustle and that if I don’t work as hard as I do, I would probably be one pay cheque to destitution.

I’m not fine with the fact that I want to go back to school to obtain a degree in Writing & Publishing but that aspiration is still a pipe dream due to lack of finance.

I’m not fine that I’m grumbly and I feel ashamed at the deep-seated feeling of dissatisfaction that has found its way to wedge in my soul in recent times.

I’m not fine with the status quo and not prepared to keep quiet about it. I believe that to find a solution to a situation, you’ve got to be willing to bring it out into the open air and look at it candidly. Phew! I feel better just letting some of these thoughts out.

La di la, in all honesty, life is a struggle and not fine and dandy for many of us but it’s up to us to take a good look at our issues and to make extra efforts to live a fine life.

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My Thinking Corner

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When we were young we were full of ambition, dreams, and drive, but when we get to a certain age there’s the tendency to let go of our deep desires, which gives way to the need to just get along with living and paying the bills. We unconsciously tell our minds that we are too old to pursue certain dreams.

This creates a chasm of dissatisfaction deep inside anyone who has found themselves in such a position and it just never goes away no matter how much effort is made to mask such desires.

When we realize that our destiny lies in our hands through our thinking; when we realize that so long as we still inhabit our bodies and notwithstanding the fact that we grow older, that as long as we’re mentally, physically and spiritually able, we can still pursue some of those dreams that gave us bright eyes and lit up our hearts.

I’ve seen people obtain degrees in their old age, change careers or start a business late in life. Never stop dreaming. Never stop pursuing your dreams.

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The Road That I Am Glad I Took…personal story


It’s a no-brainer that I should follow my heart when I toppled over in love with my husband, right?

Or, should I say, when he didn’t let me get away?

I was so focused on building a career. I had a fantastic job with The Delegation Of The European Union. A young lady with a bright future and a job that opened up so many doors and windows.

Then love came calling and stole my heart away and before I could even say Jack Robinson, he whisked me off to the altar, after a whirlwind courtship of six months.

That was a bold step and today, here we are, sixteen years after and counting.

It was a tough decision for me to leave my job and join my husband back in Lagos and we tried the long-distance thing for a while which was maddening for both of us.

At a point, I knew that I couldn’t take it much longer and decided to resign from my mouth-watering job.

I committed my steps into the hands of The Lord and joined my husband with my rounded belly in tow.

It took no time at all for me to gain a solid employment with British American Tobacco and the rest is history.

Sometimes, I do ponder on the thought: what if I had refused to get entangled with my husband and had stuck to the vision of working my way up as an aspiring diplomat?

I would have probably met some of those diplomatic career goals, who knows.

I will never know the answer to what my life might have turned out to be, but I can’t visualize a life without my family and I have no regrets to have taken this path.

All I know is that ‘all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.’ Rom 8:28

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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