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Bonding with you…


The value of a man’s word should be worth it weights in solid gold.

As part of my Blogging 101 fulfillment and as a way of bonding with you (my friend and audience), I have to create a stream-lined feature, so that I can attract you like bees to my blogging petals 🙂

I had to meditate on this for a while, because I am my own worst critic and would want to do my best to keep your keen interest.

Even though my answers are not cast in stone, I am old-fashioned enough in my thinking, to believe that our words are almost promises made to each other.

So, after much mulling with the ideas teeming in my mind, I decided to start with these features for my blog and build on it as time goes by.

A. A bi-monthly short story or flash fiction will be featured.

B. A monthly book review of all that I assimilated will be delivered at the end of each month and in this aspect, I would welcome reading suggestions from you in particular.

C. My poems can be sporadic and will come when the light bulb in that corner of my brain switches on, thus, my mangled regurgitation’s will also grace the board.

D. My motivation and inspire musings are for weekly ingestion.

E. A bi-weekly dose on the Tip for the day will float through the cyberspace to your corner of the World.

F. Serialized projects that I work on, will feature as well. More information will precede any of the projects before it starts.

G. Random thoughts and happenings around me, will decorate this space a whole lot.

H. I am thinking of a Question and Answer feature. Not sure how to go about it yet. Any ideas, someone?

Okay. Now, let me go and set my calendar.

Be kind to yourself and stay blessed.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Get inspired by the neighbors: Blogging 101

20150707_233302I haven’t written in days, not because I don’t want to but for reasons that I cannot even put my fingers on. It seems I am having withdrawal syndrome from a whole lot of stuff. Traveling from one place to the other does have its highs and lows and I think my low kicked in sometime last week after a days trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, coupled with living out of a suitcase, so I lagged behind on my Blogging 101 assignments. Well, the saying that it is better to be late than never applies here, so I am going to play catch up right now and hope that would kick-start my writing juice and other stuff as well.

I made friends with some of my good neighbours in the blogosphere, paying visits to several abodes and sharing my thoughts on their timelines and articles. I paid a visit to your cyber abode, Disarmed by Love and your warm welcome made me feel at home.
I ate and drank as you invited, listening to your words that teemed with wisdom and motivation. It was a very good visit. I felt that I had run into a kindred and gracious spirit and with that warm glow I left, knowing that I shall visit again.

I made a pit stop at http://patternsofsouldevelopment.com/ his in-depth perspective in analyzing some things we tend to overlook with the wave of the hand, made me think a bit deeper and left me with new knowledge. We bantered quite a bit, gleaning off each other. I taught him how to say DALU – which is a gracious thank you in my native language. He is also a keeper.
For some fun and color which I love so much, I flitted around quite a bit, like a hummingbird from one blog post to the next blog, perusing the beautiful and lively photos of: https://mariajanssonphotography.wordpress.com/, http://kevinhotter.com/ and https://whsimphotos.wordpress.com/

They made me wish I was a better photographer.

They were simply captivating and inspired me enough to take nondescript photos that were going to nowhere (like the one above this article).

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

A shout out to my neighbours. Day 3 – Blogging 101

20150709_012737My dear blogging neighbor,

To say that it is my pleasure to connect with a good number of you – the old hands and the newcomers might sound a bit blasé, but the truth still remains what it is; I am very pleased for having discovered such a well spring of dynamic and intriguing personalities in blogland.

Whilst foraging, I encountered a plethora of blogs: the extroverts, the introverts, the cheeky, the nerdy, the needy, the wise, the funny, the eye candies (food, fashion and photo blogs) the chatty story tellers (like myself), the inspirational ones, the humorous, the controversial, the motherly, the health, travel and everything else in between.

Some of you, I shamelessly courted their hands in friendship and they reciprocated, whilst some are still contemplating my offer 🙂

You all bring to the table, your experience, your exposure, irrespective of how small or large and your expertise especially amongst the old hands.

I graciously salute you all for your magnanimity in welcoming a newbie like me in the house and hope we can all find time to keep each other company in the blog-sphere at least.

Okay, now this is beginning to sound like a valedictory speech, so lets just jump on the wagon and enjoy the expedition and simply end the torture shall we?

Greetings and regards,


What inspired my Title and ever changing Tag line? Blogging 101

Here goes. For me, there is nothing like jumping in two feet into the moment than getting tardy and feeling like I have an albatross around my neck several days later. Therefore in answer to the question why I chose the title acookingpotandtwistedtales:

For a long while, I had been satisfied spinning my yard tales for my children and family alike (even my husband likes to listen in), as well as sharing them on Facebook with friends, but I never got round to blogging. I was far too busy with other things (I kept telling myself) and writing the stories in my journal,  waiting for the right time, but the right time was a list of never ending tomorrows.

On New’s years eve, after outlining my long list of resolutions, I chose to fly out the window and test my wings, but I had no name with which to express my thoughts and tell my stories, the short and long of it all.

After several attempts which did not quite settle with me, since I was in search of something that spoke specifically to me, my Ah ha moment came, whilst preparing a meal for my children and spinning a long tale by moonlight for them. I think a little fairy dropped some gold dust on my ears and whispered: acookingpotandtwistedtales and it simply clicked. For me, my title represents a medley of ideas tossed together to create a patchwork of interesting stuff.

I spend a good portion of my time cooking for my family, and funny enough, I had dabbled into catering business at some point in time in my interesting Topsy-curvy life, so it felt it was quite apt and I think I am going to keep it even though my Title and URL are the same name. Well, who knows, only time will tell what changes would be made.

My tag line had pretty much stayed the same until I joined the blogging university and fire was put under my butt to think out of the box 😉 so in the space of twenty four hours it has changed several times and might even change some more. From “Let’s spin a tale” to “Think. Spin tales: True, False and the Downright absurd”. I am trying to capture the essence of what I want to convey through my blog, which are basically centered around short fictions, my inspirational thoughts, social criticism and rants (when the fancy catches me).

Since it’s not a revolution but an evolution, I will keep tweaking that tag line until I am a hundred percent satisfied.

So, what do you think?


Introducing myself: Blogging 101


Let’s hope I don’t bore you to death with my ramblings on this assignment of “who I am and why I am here” in the blogosphere.

Jacqueline, the face behind acookingpotandtwistedtales, is a passionate Nigerian woman.

I am a wordsmith (on the cusp of authorship, in my mind at least). I am an entrepreneur, an advocate of truth and moral values, a people’s person, a motivator and a bi-linguist; French/English (also attempting to pick as many languages as I can, even just in their smattering forms).

I am the spouse of an interesting and intelligent gentleman who makes each day in my life spontaneous and devoid of boredom.

I am a mother of children who keep all my faculties engaged (physical and non-physical).

So this is me, an avid reader (not mind reader, unfortunately), an everyday woman with a passion for life and family.

I love to sing in my wobbly voice (who cares), to dance and strut my stuff and to laugh heartily. I love fitness and good nutrition when I can encourage my other lazy self to lace on her training shoes and not to eat all the cake.

I am still a child of Evolution.

I started blogging when I got tired of keeping my thoughts penciled in my journals (I still pencil though). It serves as a voice to some internal thoughts and turmoils. I think in clarity, I recuperate and I exhale when I write. It is therapeutic for me.

I see a story in everything, humorous, serious, life matters, beauty, child rearing or anything that inspires me that we might have in common as humans.

So here I am, exhaling after a long time of staying under water.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, I would have cultivated the discipline of settling down to write and ramble. I would (hopefully) have finished the drafts of the three novels that I am working on.

Indeed it would be good to arrive at those goals, but I believe that the trip through blogging would be a whole lot of fun.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with other members of this community.

Yours in sincerity,


You”ll be dead by summer…. Day 4 – Blogging 101

20150707_131159Following the blogging 101, day 4 assignment “Who is my target audience?”, I started this short, 2-part story, for you, my target audience.

For those who like a good story told and re-told:

“You’ll be dead by Summer”, the gypsy chiromancer whispered bluntly as her firm hold of my palm slackened, and her thumb ceased the feather light caress of all the lines which were indelibly etched into my palms.

For a few seconds, her statement did not sink into my senses and I just stared at her in a befuddled manner.

“What the f**k”? my friend Carlos swore heatedly, pushing back the rustic wooden chair he sat on so forcefully that it fell over with a clatter. “You are a loony bin”. “Let’s get the hell outta here, Luc”!

We hurriedly left her gaudy domain, all four of us. Jumping back into Ma’s car, we zoomed off to the mall, even though the tinkling sound made by her hanging chimes which swung in the slight summer breeze kept ringing in my ears hours later and something that had been sought out, just for laughs fast turned into a source of discomfort.

Summer was almost upon us and I could hardly wait for the break to begin. The days were getting longer into the night; there was more time to stay awake and less time to sleep. I had worked extremely hard in school for my exams and finally the results were rolling in with accolades. My STAR assessment had come out with advanced glowing commendations and my SAT’s had been cleared. I even secured an admission into my school of choice: Texas A & M where I would be pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Who would have thought  it! I was the first in my family to break from the mold. Others had settled for hours of odd jobs here and there, living from one pay check to the next, or earning meager wages under the table, just to keep body and soul together. I did not want to live like that. I aspired for greater things. I wanted to be someone worthy of note.

I wanted to have a real job, a real home without sharing my bed and bathroom with a dozen people or more. I did not want to have a home that was a thoroughfare for drifters coming into town, in search of greener pastures. Not that I have anything against Papi or Tio for helping the extended family, it is just that sometimes, it was a little too much. I always felt that Papi was taking a risk by allowing all those people to use his Social Security Number to obtain work. There were far too many Alejandro’s using the same SSN. More than I cared to know.

As we cruised down the highway in Ma’s small Honda, with loud music blasting from the speakers of the small car, I could feel the zing in my bloodstream,. It was prom and graduation season; summer and fun time. I knew that my parents were saving their Tax returns to buy me a car as a graduation gift. Finally, I would have my own wheels. A truck hopefully.

I could picture nice sunny Summer days at Galveston beach with a cold beer in my hands and my ass planted in the sand. Hopefully, with Sophia, my new crush by my side. Taking a puff from the cigarette that we passed around, I quickly stopped at the new gas station, to refuel. The price was slightly cheaper by a few cents and the change could be used to buy some smoke.

Then, Kevin saw the clairvoyants shop and we decided to step in, just for fun.

To be concluded next week….

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha