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What inspired my Title and ever changing Tag line? Blogging 101

Here goes. For me, there is nothing like jumping in two feet into the moment than getting tardy and feeling like I have an albatross around my neck several days later. Therefore in answer to the question why I chose the title acookingpotandtwistedtales:

For a long while, I had been satisfied spinning my yard tales for my children and family alike (even my husband likes to listen in), as well as sharing them on Facebook with friends, but I never got round to blogging. I was far too busy with other things (I kept telling myself) and writing the stories in my journal,  waiting for the right time, but the right time was a list of never ending tomorrows.

On New’s years eve, after outlining my long list of resolutions, I chose to fly out the window and test my wings, but I had no name with which to express my thoughts and tell my stories, the short and long of it all.

After several attempts which did not quite settle with me, since I was in search of something that spoke specifically to me, my Ah ha moment came, whilst preparing a meal for my children and spinning a long tale by moonlight for them. I think a little fairy dropped some gold dust on my ears and whispered: acookingpotandtwistedtales and it simply clicked. For me, my title represents a medley of ideas tossed together to create a patchwork of interesting stuff.

I spend a good portion of my time cooking for my family, and funny enough, I had dabbled into catering business at some point in time in my interesting Topsy-curvy life, so it felt it was quite apt and I think I am going to keep it even though my Title and URL are the same name. Well, who knows, only time will tell what changes would be made.

My tag line had pretty much stayed the same until I joined the blogging university and fire was put under my butt to think out of the box 😉 so in the space of twenty four hours it has changed several times and might even change some more. From “Let’s spin a tale” to “Think. Spin tales: True, False and the Downright absurd”. I am trying to capture the essence of what I want to convey through my blog, which are basically centered around short fictions, my inspirational thoughts, social criticism and rants (when the fancy catches me).

Since it’s not a revolution but an evolution, I will keep tweaking that tag line until I am a hundred percent satisfied.

So, what do you think?



9 thoughts on “What inspired my Title and ever changing Tag line? Blogging 101

    1. Thanks Jeanette for the feedback. Though I must say as I have my tongue in my cheek, some of my stories may not be appropriate for the younger generation because they touch on marital issues. Actually, because of that, I have left out my children friendly stories. That may evolve into a completely different blog in its own right.


  1. Hey Sis! So that’s where it came from! Have to say you chose the right title. It was the title that intrigued me first. Then once I’d looked through the window thought yep -I’ ll have some of that!! Glad I did. Cooking? Me too -also piqued my interest. And you just know it’s gonna be peppered with all kinds of delights!! 😉😉😉

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  2. You are sure right. I love a nice gumbo mix of things. I love a splash of color naturally and vibrant things. I love eclectic and spicy. I think I must have been a gypsy in my former life 🙂


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