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In A Nutshell…1

In a nutshell…

Say hello to joy and happiness. They reside in you.

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Tranquil…Word Wednesday

The water, the sun, the beach, it spells tranquility to me. What word comes to your mind?

Beach, Sun, Water, Tranquil

Coast and Shell…Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

Ronovan’s prompt ‘shell & coast,’ tunes into my thoughts of waiting for the weather to improve so we can go off to the beachside and wallow lazily.

In a nutshell, tell me
the agenda that you have in mind;
for our trip to West-coast?



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Silver Shadows

Shadows are silver linings. You should have no fear of them because when you have a shadow, it means that you are standing in the light.

Water, Water Everywhere or NOT so Everywhere…

71 percent of the Earth is covered by water and every living thing thrives on water simply because WATER is LIFE.

I have seen water in many ramifications, from the abundance of the Oceans to bottled water of varieties, rainfall in the Tropics to the aridity of living in the Desert and one thing that I’ve found is that every living thing seeks out water. Unfortunately, there are places that lack this bare necessity that many take for granted, which reminds me of a well-articulated post I read earlier, written by Robert.

One of the things that I miss living in the UAE is rainfall. It’s such a rare occurrence and buying bottled water is the norm because the desert lacks a generous abundance of potable water.

Aloha! Hawaii in Dubai – A Click A Day.

Well, who says that if we can’t go to the exotic Island of Hawaii, that we can’t bring Hawaii to the desert and possibly have a good Luau while at it 🙂



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Yay! Soon it will be beach time – Ronovan writes weekly haiku challenge

Well, I must say that Ronovan’s prompt ‘beach & time,’ anticipates some good time in the near future with me. The weather over here has been sweltering, hopefully, we should see a turn to cooler climes in a few weeks.


Soon the weather will be cooler here
then we get to indulge,
and spend some time at the beach.

Book, beach bag, towels, ball, sunglasses & all,
we frolick in the sand
and it’s always a time well spent.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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