Talking to you…

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Is it strange to be at this point in life where the desire to succeed somehow in life has quadrupled; maybe because you know that you no longer have the time to shilly-shally and fritter away your days like when you were in your teens and twenties, yet at the same time, you equally feel lethargic and seem to have lost the gusto to keep pushing if that makes sense?

I have lived in many hoods, but to be honest, adulthood is raz and can run you raggedy. Some days I feel on top of things and feel a certain level of being at peace with myself, but most of the time, especially recently, I feel deeply pressured, almost as if I am asphyxiating from the burden of financial responsibilities that has become a chokehold on me and mine, and a sense of helplessness does overwhelm me now and then.

I am in a hurry to change things, yet the more I rush, the slower my steps become. The pandemic took a heavy financial toll on us and things are yet to let up. It bothers me using this space to share my woes, still, I feel that I am among friends who have seen life, it’s good and ugly sides and who understand what true struggles mean. I always endeavour to stay chirpy and see the bright side of life despite all the dark clouds that tends to shroud things and make situations look bleak more times than I care to count.

Something that I know for sure is that loads of us are going through stuff that they are either proud, embarrassed, ashamed or too afraid to share for fear of being trolled and judged by others, but one thing I have learned in this life is not to make someone else’s thought take such a center stage in my life that it will cause me to lose sleep. At present, my wellbeing and seeking reprieve is far too important to me than being scared and ashamed to share the fact that I am struggling more than I can express in words.

Out of sense of self-preservation, I wish not to demean myself but if after reading this and you can buy me a cup of coffee using the Paypal button or link at the top and bottom or my page and it will be most appreciated. Every penny goes a long way. God bless.


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