Lovely and Wonderful…

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What word do you find yourself using frequently? I think I use these two words ‘lovely and wonderful‘ ever so often, especially when complimenting others or their work. Most times, I endeavour to read what someone wrote, to connect with the post before making a constructive comment that relates to it.

I must say that I hesitate in using unnecessary superlatives which sometimes almost comes across as superfluous and fake. I do indulge when I come across something that genuinely deserves the superlatives. Sometimes, when my thoughts are all over the place, I fail to truly connect with a piece writing and as such, I hesitate to make a comment; and a like suffices at such times.

However, it is interesting to say that I have observed some readers making asinine comments that has nothing to do with the post and I can’t help but wonder at the following:

  • Is it that they are unable to read and comprehend?
  • Is it that they simply choose to be obtuse?
  • Is it that they are simply in such a rush but want the writer to feel their presence through their like and odd comments?
  • Do they think that they writer is so simpleminded that any silly comment would be pleasing to them?

As we always seem pressed for time and people’s attention span shrinks to the size of an ant, with social media interaction becoming more fast-paced, it does appear like the art of reading is equally suffering a blow and genuine readers dwindle daily.

I could think many things pertaining the readers thought pattern and may never arrive at the right answer, but I most certainly do hope that I haven’t fallen into that category of asinine comment makers and that I never lose the joy derived from reading and truly appreciating the art of the writer.


3 thoughts on “Lovely and Wonderful…

  1. Like Peter has said, I think the spam bots seem to have increased in numbers this year. However, I agree with the points in your article too. I sometimes want to leave a comment on a post and may write something short (e.g. lovely) or that maybe doesn’t make too much sense but the intent is always well-meaning. I did accidentally write the word brilliant multiple times in a comment a couple of weeks ago – but I genuinely enjoyed the post. KL ❤

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